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Emu Supernatural RP

Welcome! We hope you will join in the fun, & also share our intention to make this a positive, inclusive, safe-haven for Supernatural fans.

NOTE: The Emu Family is now accepting applications for new Role Players to add to our family! Apply here if interested.

  1. Guidelines Aren’t Rules: The nature of RP is fluid. It requires planning, creativity, and flexibility to bridge long gaps of time that need to be filled in. Our Emu guidelines are a goal we created ourselves, and we respect them, but we reserve the right to bend, break, or re-write them completely at our discretion. This is also referred to as Emu Canon. We use Emu Canon to bridge gaps during hiatuses, and explain any minor issues that arise between our RP and the show. When the show ends we will continue our adventures using Emu Canon.
  1. Come As Yourself:  We are unable to respond to Original Characters that you have created yourself, or Crossover Role Players. If you try to enter into one of our story lines as one of the above, we will usually refer you to this page. 
  1. We Are Not In Your World: Our AU is connected to this world through social media via Nephilim WiFi. You can Tweet to us, but you can’t visit, or actively assist us. We do however accept virtual hugs, coffee, drinks, breakfast, love and support from all of our family. 
  1. We Are Not In Their World: Our world is almost identical to the world portrayed on the Show, but there are some differences. 
  1. Don’t Tell: Please help us tell our stories by not giving in to the temptation to tell us what we don’t know. If any information we should not have is offered, we will behave as if we didn’t see it. Come as yourself and interact by asking questions, or taking part in friendly conversation. This will introduce you, and allow you to play our game.
  1. Ships:  We recognize the intense bond between certain characters, and while we like to play with possibilities, we do not actively ship non-canon romantic or sexual relationships.
  1. We Avoid Spoilers: In an attempt to respect a spoiler-free waiting-period after a new episode airs, we will be largely silent between Monday 5-6pm EST and Tuesday night or Wednesday morning usually around 10am EST.
  1. Restrictions: Although Twitter allows users as young as 13, some of our storylines may contain adult themes and language. While we recognize that there are Supernatural fans of all ages, we cannot police all our interactions. The Emu Family is not responsible for those under age viewing our content. Timeline interactions with any players found to be below the age of 18 will be at the discretion of each individual player. Many of our characters are flirtatious, and play plenty with innuendo, but we are all people behind the characters, and we do have our limits. We may DM asking you to remove any material we feel is inappropriate, but we rely almost entirely on your self-regulation. Please behave accordingly, and play nice.
  1. Muting, Blocking and Reporting: We intend Emu to remain a haven of fandom inclusiveness and positivity, and we will not tolerate trolling, bullying, sexual harassment or misrepresentation of any kind. We do not block lightly by any means. We do however reserve the right to mute, block, and report anyone that seems intent on making trouble, stirs negativity, engages in sexual harassment, or is aggressively confrontational or bullying toward our Emu Family or followers. This includes all bashing (ships, character, cast, crew, writers, actor families, or other fans), or any intentional fandom or social antagonism.
  1. Please Do Not Publish Without Permission: Including our RP in fanfiction, or using our words and storytelling in any way, should not be done without the expressed permission of this group. Contact us @EmuMobBunker
  1. Direct Messages: We receive numerous DM’s and requests, as well as more notifications than we can reasonably keep up with. We hope you will accept our apology in advance, should our response be delayed, or should we miss your comment, or are unable to respond to your DM. Direct Messaging with followers is up to those behind individual accounts, and not all players are comfortable doing so.
  1. Always Keep Fighting: We often receive messages when someone is in distress, or in need of encouragement. We care deeply for our Emu Family and want to be supportive and helpful, but we are not trained therapists or crisis prevention helpers, nor are we free from our own personal responsibilities & troubles. If we feel someone is in need of professional intervention we will provide contact information for those trained to properly help. At that point, for your safety and ours, we can no longer continue a crisis conversation. We encourage everyone in need to seek help from professionals trained to do so, and Always Keep Fighting!


  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
  • To Write Love on Her Arms: Find Local Resources, or Contact info by Topic, (Addiction, Depression & Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Self Injury, Suicide, Veterans)
  • Random Acts Crisis Support Network: Chat with Responder
  • Trevor Project (LGBTQ+ Focused Crisis Support & Suicide Prevention): 1-866-488-7386
  • Attitudes in Reverse (Mental Health Education & Awareness)
  • No More (Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Support): For Immediate Help
  • Samaritans (UK): Call 116 123 Whatever you’re going through, a Samaritan will face it with you. We’re here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Mind (UK): For better mental health.
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