Re: Account Suspensions

For those of our extended Emu Family still expressing concern about the false-reporting incident that resulted in the suspension of three of our accounts, we wish to assure you that we know, definitively, where the reports originated.

Although it is clear that the reports were intended to vindictively sabotage us, we had already taken the action of quietly group-blocking this individual some time previously. The action was taken to protect our emu family from abusive behavior, and as the individual’s disingenuous reporting of our accounts indicates, blocking was clearly justified.

We believe nothing can be gained by further action except perpetuating negativity within our small corner of the fandom by instigating further conflict.

Please know our lack of action does not mean we weren’t deeply hurt and angered by what was done, it simply means we feel that by blocking, we have done all we can to mitigate the potential damage this person is capable of. It’s a free internet, not a school where we could revoke their hall pass and suspend them from attending Twitter. Anything else we could do would be returning abuse for abuse.

We understand that our response may seem unsatisfactory to those who share our human instinct to retaliate, but we hope you will support us in letting the matter drop for the sake of keeping our Twitter neighborhood as drama free as possible.

We are deeply grateful for the continued love and support we receive from all of you.

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