Jacklantis Rising

The end is here…or is it?

The loveable characters known as The Emus find themselves in quite the predicament as the 14th season draws to a close. Jack, beloved son and nougat aficionado, has died and gone to the empty, the Winchesters are completely surrounded by the living dead, and all Hell’s breaking loose…literally.

Drastic action is needed. Hitting pause on reality, Billie goes to the Empty and to Heaven, while Amara reveals her first creation…the world of Jacklantis. Rising from the sea, this will be the refuge for the Emus.

Working in tandem, Billie and Amara transport everyone to their new, albeit temporary home. Billie resurrects fallen family and friends, while Amara works on transporting the survivors. Before long, everyone is safe in their new world, but there’s just one little catch…

The Emus don’t know anything is amiss.

To make the transition go smoothly, memories have been altered to suit their new reality. For all intents and purposes, the Emus believe everything is as it should be. There is no looming apocalypse, no end of the world…just another day in the life.

Jacklantis is a clean slate full of adventure and possibilities, but it’s no utopia. There’s very real dangers lurking in this new world; terrors both known and unknown.

Come watch how it all unfolds as the Emus share their ongoing adventures via the ever present Nephilim WiFi and broadcast via MichTVs exclusive Drone coverage.

Hellatus has never looked so good.

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