I am Jack Kline Winchester #IAmEmu @jacklovesnougat

I am Dean Winchester #IAmEmu @Dean_67Impala
I am Sam Winchester #IAmEmu @SamSoGetThis

I am Castiel, Angel of the Lord, & a Winchester
#IAmEmu @CastielofEmuRP

I am Mary Winchester #IAmEmu @M_Winchester54

I am Amara, The Darkness #IAmEmu @DarkestAmara
I Am Nick, Lucifer’s Vessel #IAmEmu @HRHLucifer
I am Eileen Leahy #IAmEmu @IHateBanshees
I am Rowena MacLeod #IAmEmu @MegaCovenQueen
I am Bobby Singer #IAmEmu @KingOfIdjits01
I am Sheriff Donna Hanscum #IAmEmu @DHanscum
I am Alex Jones #IAmEmu @Alex_Joness98
I am Billie & I am Death #IAmEmu @VeilCornerOfc
I am Arthur Ketch #IAmEmu @AKetch74
I am Charlie Bradbury #IAmEmu @Char1ieBradbury
I am Mal #IAmEmu @StuntDemon_3

1 thought on “#WeAreEmu

  1. This is a wonderful compilation of the layers of complexity and unity to be found in this family. The photos are stunning and the personal details provide a little glimpse into the soul of each of these magical creatures. They are EMU Family.


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