An Important Message: Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment affects all of us. We all have a line between flirty banter and inappropriate comments. When you’re shown the line and asked not to cross it, most would respect that. When you don’t, it becomes abusive.

Nobody deserves to be targeted and abused. You have the right to block and move on. You also have the right to name your abuser to protect others. You have the right to seek support from your community.

Role players are people. Every interaction with a human being – whether it’s with a date, a coworker, people we interact with like wait staff at a restaurant, an actor encounter at a convention, or with role players online – is mutual and requires consent to continue. If consent is withdrawn, stop.

Emu Supernatural RP Sexual Harassment Policy

No Bullies, Trolls, Sexual Harassment, or Misrepresentation: We intend Emu to remain a haven of fandom inclusiveness & positivity, and we will not tolerate trolling of any kind. We do not block lightly, but will collectively block, (& report if necessary), anyone who misrepresents themselves, seems intent on making trouble, stirs negativity, engages in sexual harassment, or is aggressively confrontational or bullying toward our Emu Family. This includes all bashing (ship, character, cast, crew, writers, actor families, or other fans), or any intentional fandom or social divisiveness.

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