Amara’s Thoughts March 13, 2019

I am not like you. I am not like my brother. We have our similarities, but we are as different as night and day. smiles You could say that we ARE night and day. He easily fits into this world and blends in with its people….His creations.

I do not.

While he watched life on this planet grow from a barren wasteland into the vibrant world of today, I was imprisoned….alone….angry.

I am socially awkward to say the least. My knowledge of people and their customs is derived from four sources. The first is my limited interactions with various humans. The second was my tutelage from Uncle Crowley and his computer. The third, which is the greatest and also the most incomplete, involves my diet. I consume human souls, angel grace, and Demon’s essence. When I swallow them, they become a part of me. All of their knowledge also becomes a part of me. Even though it all resides within me, it isn’t always where I can grasp it.

Imagine each thought is a tad pole swimming around in a crowded, murky pond. You can see their movements under the water as they twist and turn, bumping into one another. You can make out the shapes of their little bodies. Sometimes you can only see the shadows. And every once in a while, one swims to the shallows of the pond and you can see it clearly. That is what it is like inside of me. So much there that I can learn from, but it’s not always within my reach. shrugs
Lastly, my brother offers guidance from time to time, but I can sense this makes him uncomfortable. My ignorance is a direct result of his decision to lock me away for so many millennia, but that is the past and I am here now.

You’re probably asking why I’m thinking about all of this?
I am trying to change my diet to human food. I went to the food store today to obtain a snack and…. let’s just say it wasn’t one of my better days, but that is a story for another time.🖤

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