The Evidence Room: She’s Got Legs

(Part 1)

Asking Claire Novak to help organize the evidence room was an act of desperation. Ok,ok, it wasn’t that bad, but nobody in their right mind would blame me for saying so, if they ever spent an hour with her when she is bored. My daughter is a woman of action – bored happens whenever her butt hits a chair.

Claire actually has a very organized mind, and is great at research, though you might not guess it by her propensity to jump into a situation without thinking it through. I figured she’d do a great job, keep busy, and learn some helpful lessons about investigation.

So, win, win, win…and a few less impulsive hunts without backup. Maybe.

On day one, she swept in like a whirlwind and did her Claire thing, turning the whole place on its ear. By day two, the deputy she was helping was basically reporting to her, and our coffee improved exponentially. Day three, she found the first suspected Supernatural cold case.

Because, of course she did.

That wasn’t exactly the goal of this exercise, but, to be fair, most of them panned out. It makes sense, those cases happened before the Sheriff knew there was any such thing as monsters.

I could do without a whole lot of things the Sheriff knows, now.

We followed up on what was an obvious vamp nest. They had left town years ago, but we managed to track them all the way to where the British Men of Letters put an end to them back before we blew them up. That sure lit a fire under Claire! I think it was too much of a let-down that her work didn’t end in a successful hunt, but she agreed that the lives saved because the Brits got to them first, were well worth it.

They were murderous bastards, and their methods were extreme, and creepy as all hell, but the British Men of Letters did kill a lot of monsters. The fact that they still exist, and may decide on world domination again some day, is like an itch between my shoulder blades…but, anyway…

After that, Claire started dragging Patience back into the evidence room with her. Patience brought her school books and made an effort to study every afternoon, while Claire interrupted her every few minutes by shoving evidence into her hands.

Patience Displaying Sister Tolerance

I have to give Patience credit, she lived up to her name way more than she usually does. She seems like a sweet, quiet, studious type, and she is, but that’s far from all she is. My girl is one stubborn woman, who eats glass and kicks it in the ass! Fortunately she understands Claire pretty well, and gives her some leeway for Claire-ness.

Patience has worked very hard honing her gift. She may decide to share it with you herself, but if she doesn’t, I’ll tell you the story, sometime, of the remarkable dreams Patience has of her grandmother. They always seem to contain the exact information she needs to reach the next level of proficiency.

I don’t even question it. It’s Missouri. I found her pretty astonishing when she was alive, why should death be any different?

Patience has become pretty astonishing, herself.

So, Claire used the contents of evidence boxes of cold cases she thought might have a supernatural origin, as triggers for her sister’s gift. Between the two of them, they came up with enough clues that we were able to root out some well entrenched monsters hiding themselves in Sioux Falls.

But the case we are working on now? That started with Alex.

She was reluctant to be part of the hunting, and Chuck knows she didn’t volunteer for this, not that any of us did, but I respect Alex’s choice to stay out of it. Unfortunately, my choices, Claire’s choices, and Patience’s have made it nearly impossible. It’s not fair to Alex having to choose between her family and steering clear of all this, particularly since family isn’t something she has had much of.

Me & my girls, Alex & Donna

Once she knows about a case, Alex always chooses to help, not just for us, but to be of service to the victims. It wasn’t her fault, but I don’t think she’ll ever shake the guilt of luring victims for the nest who kidnapped her so young. Once she knows, she can’t not help, and she does it well, because she is sharp, fearless, pragmatic, curious, and she loves puzzles.

Alex also brings so much calm to all of us. No amount of horror can phase or distract her. She learned very young to compartmentalize – a handy skill for a nurse, or a hunter.

When she heard the hospital staff buzzing about the unusual, (read: downright chilling), bodies in the morgue, Alex did a little sleuthing and called us. Claire recognized the description right off. What happens next, I guess we’ll find out, but whatever this is, it is definitely supernatural.

…Think I’d better call Donna. She won’t want to miss this one.

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