Salad vs. Donut

If you follow along with us, you’ll notice a whole lot of #TeamSalad and #TeamDonut going on. It all started with one simple tweet.

Obviously Sam was not having that.

And of course Dean had to reply with:

And so this debate has been raging on. And on. And on.

People started using the hashtag to take sides. People tuned in for the Great Debate of 2019. MichTV started coverage.

Inevitably, merchandise was created. And because it’s the Emu Family, it’s all for charity. The Emu Mob created a line of tees and merchandise, proceeds which will go to TWLOA.

Yes Nick/Lucifer has his own shirt, which is unrelated. No there is no specific reason other than he likes attention.

Then the amazing team of Mell The Minx and Honey Badger came up with another great design. The proceeds for this will help fight children’s hunger!

So which team are you? Team Salad, Team Donut, or Team Ass?

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