MichTV: Emu Talk

Adjust your rabbit ears, and tune your nephilim WiFi to MichTV for this very special encore presentation of the epic, two day, Emuversary special: Emu Talk!

There we go. Whew! Now we’ve got it.

And now, without further ado, we bring you MichTV’s “Emu Talk,” starring Mich (@raiahome) with her crew, Mell (@MissMellC) and Ange (@Dammit_Ange), with senior intern, Mads (@MadsMamaBear).

MICH: Welcome all, to MichTV’s Special Presentation: “Emu Talk.” A two day event celebrating a year of interaction with our friends and family! Let’s get started, shall we? And who better to start with than the Deity himself…

Chuck Shurley

MICH: Chuck,  I know tomorrow is Your busy day, so I thought we’d get this done today. So, God of All. Patriarch Of Emu. Creator of Creation and Writer of Human Destiny. I think there’s a question we ALL want the answer to…Platypuses…Why?

Chuck Shurley

CHUCK: First of all, thank you for having me.  As for the platypus, the story is true! Gabe was bored one day, so I let him play.  Well, what he created was so cute, I knew it just had to be shared.

MICH: Ha ha! Yes, that Gabe is quite the scamp! So, what did You think when he ran off to his “witness protection”? I’d say it was a bold move on his part.

CHUCK: I’ve always encouraged my children to be themselves and do what makes them happy, as long as they do no harm.  Can’t say hanging out with porn stars was hurting anyone.

MICH: That is a valid point! I’ve heard that Castiel is Your favorite son these days.
What is it that makes You proudest of him?

CHUCK: Well Cas is his own angel.  I never intended for my angels to just be followers.  I always wanted them to lead by example, and I think Cas does that.  He might mess up at times, but he doesn’t give up and his heart is in it every time.

MICH: That is certainly true! He does seem to put his all into spreading his…influence. I have a viewer question, she asks, “Were any “Happy Mistakes” when You were creating the world, or any other creations out there in Your great big, wonder-filled universe?”

CHUCK: That’s a very interesting question. Thank you viewer. Actually, strangely enough, the seahorse.  I said, “See, a horse,” and, well…things happen.

MICH: No, really? Well, I must say they turned out adorable!  Hehe…I guess we know how powerful The Word Of God is! Speaking of which, Your latest series of books, I’m loving them! They are quite compelling. How difficult is it writing them, considering Michael’s involvement?

“I’ve always encouraged my children to be themselves and do what makes them happy, as long as they do no harm.”

– Chuck

CHUCK: I’ve always had a unique relationship with my oldest son. Honestly, it breaks my heart, but I write from a place of truth. I’m hoping we can fix this, and the foolishness can stop. Also, I can’t say I’m sorry enough to Dean that he is going through this. It’s not fair to him.

MICH: That’s the God’s honest truth! That poor guy….um, sorry. Just a figure of speech.  I know You can’t give us any hints to his future, but what about Yours? Can You tell us about this “Smite Report” You’re doing for MichTV? #ShamelessPromotion

CHUCK: Yes, well, I just thought maybe if smitings were a little more public, people might learn from others’ decisions. Then the “Smite Report” also turned into a “what not to do BEFORE I need to smite anyone.”  Win, win, in my opinion.

MICH: Of course! Once You warn them, it’s up to them to take it to heart. It’s only fair.  So, planning any trips in the future? Maybe another visit to our universe?

CHUCK: Well I’m considering a trip, possibly at the end of the summer. I know MichTV has an event they will be broadcasting from, so I might join you guys.

MICH: Well I certainly hope to see You there! (And pray You’re not an angry sleeper) Anything you’d like to say to Your adoring fans in the audience?

CHUCK: Yes. Thank you #EmuFamily for a great year. It’s been amazing getting to know you all, and I look forward to many more adventures with you. My typist wanted to add their thanks for the support received the last months.  You guys are fantastic, and I love you all.  #EmuLove

MICH: I know You’re a busy guy, so I’ll let You go. But thank You for giving us a bit of Your time. Hopefully, we can do this again sometime. *stands up, hugs and kisses cheek*

Can we get a round of applause for our guest?


MICH: Nick (@HRHLucifer)…So, Nick, Nick, Nick…Been quite the rollercoaster year for you, eh? How are you holding up? Other than the whole psycho killer thing?

NICK: Psycho killer? Just expressing my feeling and desires in a non traditional manner, that’s all. It’s been…difficult, trying to find a sense of who I am, and why I am.

MICH: Non traditional? Interesting choice of words for beating people to death with a hammer…  So, word on the street is that you’re looking for Lucifer. Surely you, of all people, know that he is dead? What is it you’re really looking for? And where will you look?

NICK: I may have anger issues, occasionally. I have faith that Lucifer is still out there. I know in my heart that He needs me. I don’t know how exactly, but I can feel it. I can just hope that if I am good enough for Him, he will return to me. We need each other. #PraiseLucifer

MICH: Well, I have to agree with the anger issues! *chuckles* But speaking of “good enough”…an..uh…anonymous viewer asks: “What about Mell (@MissMellSC)? Did you ever really love her? Or were you just toying with her affections?”

” I have faith that Lucifer is still out there. I know in my heart that He needs me. I don’t know how exactly, but I can feel it. “

– Nick

NICK: My life is… complicated. In my grief I may have a tendency to latch on to whoever can show me a glimmer of hope. And it feels real at the time. We all have our faults

MICH: So, is that a no? Are you saying that in hindsight it was just a flash in the pan? No substance?

MELL: *bursts into the studio* What does that mean, Nick?!

MICH: *startled* Um….Seems we have a…uh…surprise guest. This should be interesting….

MELL: I need answers, Nick! I deserve honest answers.

NICK: You want me to say I’ve made mistakes? Oh boy, have I made some mistakes! Did I ever want to hurt you? Never. Did I feel something? Loss, pain, and abandonment. Did I reach out to anyone that would help? You bet I did!

MICH: *reaches for the popcorn* *whispers* This is ratings gold!

MELL: Mistakes?! Really?! Well, you did hurt me, Nick! I…I…did you love me?!

NICK: I…uhhh…

MELL: What’s the matter, Nick?

MICH: Seems it’s time for someone to pay the piper…

NICK: I’m a stupid dumb idiot, a damn freak that’s not worth anything. I am just evil. No one deserves a shit like me. I can’t even love myself, how can I love a sweet, innocent person like you, without doing something to destroy it? I can’t love anything. I’m dead.

MELL: *looks down at the floor, tears starting to fall* *whispers to Nick* Well, I loved you. *turns and runs out*

MICH: Ok! That was…something! Looks like it’s time for our next guest, Sheriff Donna Hanscum. Would you like to stay and say hello, Nick?

NICK: I better…yeah…I wasn’t here, right? She’s a fucking psycho, that Donna

MICH: She is? Huh…wait…where’d he go? Oh, well. Onwards we go…

Sheriff Donna Hanscum

MICH: Howdy, Sheriff (@DHanscum)! Oh, thank you for the lollipop… I appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule to chat with us. And speaking of busy, can I ask you, which do you prefer, hunting or police work?

DONNA: Hey, Mich!  You’re welcome, girl!  Thank you for having me in your chat! Well, I can’t choose whether I prefer hunting or police work. I love doing both. Saving people and fighting evil – be it in the form of a vampire, or a common criminal – it’s what I was born to do.

Sheriff Donna Hanscum (@DHanscum)

MICH: I suppose they are two sides of the same coin, and you excel at both! Of course, sometimes they overlap. Speaking of which, Nick was just here. Nasty bit of business going on with him, eh?

DONNA: Thank you, Mich! I do my best! Nick…it was one of the most difficult cases. Not only because of the nature of his crimes, but also because the Lucifer thing, and the fact that he hurt my friends. That wasn’t supposed to happen on my watch.

MICH: Yes, it’s a tragic story. *sigh* Some people just won’t be saved… But speaking of friends, have you had the opportunity to spend much time with Mary? Get to know her? She seems to be quite an awesome lady.

DONNA: Yeah, I did! We spent the whole night talking, even though she’s more of a listener than a talker. Mary is an amazing, strong woman. She’s one of the best hunters out there.

MICH: Yes, I imagine she is. Those Winchesters are quite incredible. Speaking of which, Dean is well known for being a bit of a prankster. Has he tried any pranks on you?

DONNA: No, Dean never tried any pranks on me. I guess he only pranks Sam and Cas. You know, brothers being brothers.

“All of you are perfect and beautiful just the way you are. Don’t let anyone get you down or walk all over you.”

– Donna

MICH: Yeah, those guys are kind of adorable that way. So, do you get much chance to see Jody and the girls?

DONNA: When both of my jobs allow me to. Jody is my best friend, and great, fun company. We do plenty of girls’ nights out. Claire, Alex and Patience are amazing girls. I like to go to the movies with them.

MICH: Sounds like fun! What movies have you seen recently?

DONNA: The last one was Aquaman. We love superhero movies and we can’t wait for Captain Marvel!

MICH: I’m looking forward to that myself! Wish I could go see it with you all! *looks at clock* Is there anything you’d like to say to our viewers? Many of them are big fans of yours.

DONNA: All of you are perfect and beautiful just the way you are. Don’t let anyone get you down or walk all over you. You guys and girls are strong AF! I love y’all and I’m so proud of you for being here. Thank you again, Mich!  Love you too, girl! *tight hug*

MICH: Thank you, Donna! *hugs tight* Sheriff Donna Hanscum, everybody! Let’s give her some virtual hugging! #HugACop


MICH: Gabriel, hello, Sweetheart! Nice to see you. Thanks for agreeing to this interview. *pushes candy dish over* Shall we? Now that we know more of your backstory, I was wondering, which do you enjoy more? Being Gabriel, or being Loki? And why?


GABE: *takes the dish unwraps the candy and pops it in whole, then winks at Mich* I’d say being Loki had its Perks, ya know, the punishment of super Douchebags was a BIG one, but I wasn’t being my true self. Being Gabriel, being me, means I get to spread my wings…excuse the pun…

MICH: Of course! *chuckles and looks at notes* So, as God’s Messenger, What is the strangest message you ever had to deliver?

GABE: Well Michie, can in call ya Michie? The weirdest message I’ve ever had to deliver has to be my most famous message. I was commanded by dear old dad, to go down to earth and inform a young girl called Mary that she was going to give birth to my half brother. What dad failed to tell me, is that Mary would react to said news by socking me one in the face. My jaw still clicks even to this day just thinking about it. *rubs chin*

MICH: Really? She punched you? Fascinating. Reminds me of someone. Seems there’s something about Marys, eh? Speaking of delivering messages, a viewer asks: “How did you keep from laughing in Mystery Spot when the boys were talking at the same time?”

*rolls footage*

GABE: Who says I kept myself from laughing? Y’all just couldn’t hear me. Perks of being an Archangel, I could make a pocket Universe to watch and make commentaries.

MICH: My! That is a handy talent! Could use it myself on occasion. Speaking of commentaries… several of our viewers have followed your…um…film career…with interest. How many…art films…have you starred in?

GABE: Well… that would be telling…Let’s just say there’s a few where I made a bit role (before I became a leading man…) it took me playing ‘Male orgie member #5’ for a while, ‘til the director saw my ‘talents,’ but my girlfriend doesn’t like me talking about those days…

“…being Loki had its Perks, ya know, the punishment of super Douchebags was a BIG one, but I wasn’t being my true self. Being Gabriel, being me, means I get to spread my wings…”

– Gabriel

MICH: Girlfriend? That would be Eileen? We’ve heard you two are shacking u…ah…spending time together. Would you mind if I brought her in now?

GABE: If that’s okay with her, go ahead

Eileen Leahy

Eileen Leahy (@IHateBanshees)

MICH: Eileen (@IHateBanshees)! Welcome, my friend! Have a beer. *pops cap and hands over* So… you’re in yet another universe. Tell us, what, besides Sam of course, what do you miss most? And does having access to Twitter make it easier or harder?

EILEEN: Well hello and thanks for having me. Other than Sam? Uh, I would have to say friends, being home. Feeling safe. Oh yes thank Chuck for Twitter.

MICH: We hear you have a recent new…house guest.

GABE: Yes… is he behaving?

ANGE: Does he ever behave?

GABE: Only sometimes

EILEEN: You behave if I make you…behave

GABE: Yes mistress…

ANGE: Oh? Do tell!

EILEEN: Sorry. I think MichTV has a PG-13 rating doesn’t it?

MICH: Behaving can mean SO MANY different things!

EILEEN: Right?

MICH: Oh, yes! VERY right. Emu

EILEEN: Wow! I love you, you’re awesome!

MICH: I love you back, darlin’!

ANGE: We have more adult oriented programming on “MichTV After Dark.”

EILEEN: Oh, very nice. I don’t believe we’re getting that channel yet, are we Gabe?

ANGE: Well, we’ll just have to talk to your cable provider

MELL: You don’t need that channel. Nothing to see there, nothing at all.

MICH: Now don’t be modest! There’s a lot of you to see.


GABE: Mell…do I need to hook you up with some of my old contacts?

MELL: No, no not at all. *whispers* Let’s do lunch.

EILEEN: Ahh. Nope.

MELL: What? It’s just a friendly lunch between friends, talking about friendly topics.

GABE: Yes, and I’m just gonna point her to the right doors, Cupcake, and tell her who to NOT talk to so she’s not taken advantage of. My name can open doors.

MITCH: Opens doors… among other things…Ahem…Eileen, so, how ARE you adjusting to having @Gabe_Sweets18 living with you?

EILEEN: It’s a little different, yes. We’re getting used to each other, of course, but I have no complaints. He is very sweet, romantic, and likes to spoil me.

MICH: Everyone needs someone to spoil them a little! Am I right? *wink* So can you tell us about this universe you’re in? Have you and Gabe gotten a chance to explore much?

” I’m bonded with Sam, and if he feels very strongly about something, I feel it too.”

– Eileen

EILEEN: This beach AU is beautiful! Waves, a dock…there are even caves. But no, we haven’t gotten out much. Soon, though.

MICH: Have you found anything in the way of supernatural entities? And how do you get food? Hunting and gathering, or is there a town store handy?

EILEEN: Entities… No. Strange occurrences, yes. Oh, yes, there is a small town not far from here. We have plenty (of stores).

MICH: Strange occurrences? Can you give us an example?

EILEEN: With me specifically? I’m bonded with Sam, and if he feels very strongly about something, I feel it too. Jack as well, but it’s mostly anger with him. It affects my world. Although it’s been quiet since Gabe’s arrival…

MICH: I’m glad to hear Gabe’s presence is a comfort to you. We were all worried about you being there all alone. Have you picked up any hobbies to pass the time?

EILEEN: Believe it or not, I love running on the beach – not a very good swimmer though. I’ve been collecting shells, maybe jewelry making?

MICH: Oooo! That sounds like fun. *sees signal from control room* Is there anything you or Gabe would like to say to your friends in the audience?

EILEEN: Hey Sam, I love you! Miss you!

GABE: Yes, Sam, that goes for me, too!

MICH: Let’s give it up for our favorite archangel!!! *throws candy to the audience*

MICH: Thank you both for joining us! *stands and hugs* Let’s hear it for Eileen, people!

Jack Kline

MICH: Jack (@JackLovesNougat), your Nephilim WiFi is the reason that the Emu Bunker can communicate with our universe. On behalf of us all, I’d like to thank you for that. Are you happy with the results of that action?

JACK: Well, I’m certainly happy that it let me and my family meet all of you. And that we didn’t lose the Nephilim WiFi when I lost my grace…Then again, I wonder if that’s why my grace isn’t coming back…*ponders*

Jack Kline (@JackLovesNougat)

MICH: I certainly hope not! We would sacrifice it, if it would help get your grace back, but we would miss you all tremendously. You have many talents with or without your grace. One of the most popular, is your amazing ability to find just the right name for anything. How do you manage it?

JACK: I…don’t know. I just think about it, and then I know when it feels right *grins*

MICH: Well, it’s a special and wonderful talent! I know you were quite involved in watching “The Partridge Family,” recently. Any new favorites? What are young Nephilims into these days?

JACK: I still love “The Partridge Family,” but I’ve been watching a lot of Elvis Presley movies lately. Umm, I uhh…really liked Blue Hawaii…

MICH: So I heard. Did you know that at one time Elvis’s shaking hips were considered controversial? Silly, huh? And I see you’ve brought your friend from Hawaii with you today! Petruchio, isn’t it? How is he holding up in chilly Kansas after living in sunny Hawaii?

JACK: Elvis’ hips don’t lie, Mich. They do not lie…And Petruchio is doing well. I think when Chuck got him back for me he made a few…adjustments, so that he’d be able to survive in the Bunker.

MICH: You said it! And that was awfully nice of Chuck. Tell us, what’s it like having God for a Grandfather? The pluses and minuses.

JACK: Well…I mean, it’s pretty cool. He can save your pineapple after you set it free. But, he’s also pretty busy being, you know, God and stuff.

MICH: Yes, that is a very complicated job. So, what are YOU doing to keep busy these days? Any hobbies? Making new friends? How are you and Maggie getting on?

JACK: Well, I just came back from Hawaii… so I don’t really know what I’m going to do next. Sometimes I wish I could go to school like all the other toddler teenagers. Maggie? Why do you want to know about her??

“I’m just really happy the way everyone has welcomed me, and not thought of me just as the son of Satan’

– Jack

MICH: No reason. Just heard some rumors…*looks at time* Plus, she’s next up on the show. So, is there anything you’d like to say to all those folks out there? They have certainly sent their love to you.

JACK: Oh, I’m just really happy the way everyone has welcomed me, and not thought of me just as the son of Satan. *sideeyes @HRHLucifer* So I hope everyone has a nice weekend, and remembers that there is nothing wrong with being friends with a pineapple.

MICH: Well said, young man! We’re all equal in Chuck’s eyes, after all! And on that inspiring message, I see we are out of time. Thank you for coming! *hugs* Jack Kline, everybody!! Give him some love!


MICH: Hello, Maggie, welcome! So, as a fairly new member of the Emu universe, how are you fitting in? What would you say is your favorite thing about this new universe? I mean, other than its lack of angel armies.

MAGGIE: Hi, Miss Mich. I seem to be fitting in alright I think. It’s nice here. Sam and Dean gave me my own room. I’m not nearly as jumpy as I was before.


MICH: That’s good to hear! I see you’ve been taking on more of a leadership role with your fellow hunters. How is that going?

MAGGIE: It’s great! Sam has really taught me a lot, and, well, I just figured it was time to step up.

MICH: It’s still very brave of you! And it’s true you had a wonderful teacher in Sam (@SamSoGetThis). But living in the bunker with mostly men must be trying at times. Have you made any other friends?

MAGGIE: I try to talk to Jack, but he’s, um, sorta busy a lot. I like Mary. Oh, you know who I really want to meet, is the witch lady.

MICH: Rowena (@MegaCovenQueen)? Yes, she is a fascinating person. Very…um…complex. What has Sam told you about her?

MAGGIE: Just that she’s helped them out a few times on cases and stuff. She just seems cool with all the spells and that.

“Sam has really taught me a lot, and, well, I just figured it was time to step up.”

– Maggie

MICH: Hmmmm… yes…well, I’ll leave that talk to Sam…But speaking of Jack (@jacklovesnougat), some of his dads are a bit of a prankster. Has Jack tried any of that on you?

MAGGIE: Jack and I prank each other sometimes, yeah. Water balloons, plastic wrap on the door…but, DO NOT TAKE HIS BEAR! Oh, and no glitter in the bunker, Dean says. I think Sam has nightmares or something? I don’t know.

MICH: Yes, he’s had some bad experiences with that. I know that hunting keeps you busy, but what do you do in your time off? To relax? Or just have fun?

MAGGIE: I like to read. I listen to music, this place is like, so huge, so I like checking out all the rooms.

MICH: So! The intrepid explorer, huh? What’s the strangest thing you’ve found so far? And the coolest?

MAGGIE: The coolest is a box with the most beautiful stones I’ve ever seen. They’re inventoried though, I couldn’t take them out. Sucks.

MICH: I’m sure there was a good reason for that.

MAGGIE: The strangest thing is a chair hidden behind book shelves that has big hooks, chains, and handcuffs attached to it! Gah! Like they had a freaking monster in there!!

MICH: Yes, several…I mean…Oh, really? How interesting. But I think Sam is waving for you… Anything you’d like to say to your friends out there?

MAGGIE: What!? Oh my Chuck…uh, hey everybody! Take care! Love ya!

MICH: Let’s give her some love and encouragement, folks!

Death (Billie)

MICH: Billie…Death (@VeilCornerOfc). *clears throat nervously* Please be welcome. Once again, congratulations on your promotion. Can you tell us, what was the biggest change for you when you became Death?

BILLIE: Hello Mich, it’s good to be here & not dead. I guess the biggest change was the perspective I got being privy to all (or ALMOST all – dratted nephilim rifts), the information. I’m still me, with the same priorities, but I’ve been forced to adjust to disorder in service of order.

MICH: Disorder in service of order. That’s a very eloquent way of putting it…I think we’re all wondering, just how big, or small, must something be to change a person’s Destiny? To… rewrite their Book, so to speak?

BILLIE: Your records encompass all possibilities, so they don’t get re-written. We can talk about how free will fits some time, but to answer your question, worse than apocalyptic. Something that shouldn’t be possible has to happen in a world where pretty much everything is possible.

MICH: Aaahhh…that’s…not good news for a friend of mine….*clears throat* So we’ve learned that you have more than one Reaper keeping an eye on the Winchesters. We’ve met Jessica, and now Violet. How many others are there?

“I’m still me, with the same priorities, but I’ve been forced to adjust to disorder in service of order.”

– Billie

BILLIE: It varies – depends on whether they are together, & exactly how Winchestered things get. Plus, Sam didn’t sleep for weeks, & Michael doesn’t need to. No way I could put that on one reaper. I keep the number as small as I can, though. The Winchester learning curve is…um…steep.

MICH: “Steep” *laughs into hand* I guess that sounds about right. So far we’ve only seen female Reapers watching them. Is there a reason for that?

BILLIE: Nope. Well…there’s been a gender gap in reaper work for eons. Former Death was fairly progressive, so it was improving, but a female Death has jump-started some reapers’ motivation to excel. The Winchester project is mostly females, currently, but not because they are female.

MICH: Are they volunteers or do you just pick them?

BILLIE: I have to be comfortable with their professionalism & understanding of the gravity of the situation. I select them on that basis, but some have elected not to accept the assignment. It’s hard not to try and help, but the balance is so precarious now, every move is an enormous risk.

MICH: Oh cr…dear! Well, in that case I better let you go! Thank you for coming and thank you for not taking any of our audien…uh, oh…oh! They were just asleep! Whew! That was a close one. And parting words of wisdom for the folks out there?

BILLIE: I keep my hands clean, you know that. I’ll give you the same mantra that gets me through the night. As much as it pains me, it’s the rogue element that re-balances the scales, by working outside the rules, so, “Trust the Winchesters” Emu. Thanks for having me MichTV.

MELL: My apologies for interrupting, but we have a viewer question: “Since Nephilim WiFi has enabled us to talk to all of you, do you have books on all of us as well?”

BILLIE: I have checked your counterparts books, but I don’t have access to yours, assuming you have them in your world. So far, the predictability has been within tolerance, so I suspect, for those I’ve looked at, you’ve been confronted with similar choices as your counterparts here.

MELL: Thank you Billie and interesting. *walks quickly back to the control room*

MICH: Ladies and gentlemen, a warm hand for Death. *claps respectfully*

Arthur Ketch

MICH: *pours a cup of tea and passes it to Ketch* Mr. Ketch (@AKetch74). It’s a pleasure to meet you. If I might inquire,you’ve gone through quite a bit of personal growth and change in the past few years. How has being part of The Emu Mob Bunker aided you in that?

Arthur Ketch (@AKetch74)

KETCH: I apologize Mich, I have only just seen this. I’ve been on the road these past couple of hours and only just stopped for a tea break. How are you? The Emu have shown me that there is a chance for redemption and forgiveness, and though I have a long way to gain that from them, they at least are giving me the opportunity.

MICH: So you spend a lot of time on the road? But do you consider The Bunker your “Home Base,” of sorts?

KETCH: I go where I’m needed. Samuel sends me cases, and I go willingly to do my bit. I don’t have a home anymore, especially not with the Men of Letters, so no, The Bunker isn’t a home base for me. Maybe a stop off point for information, if required.

MICH: Sounds quite lonely…What would you say was the biggest adjustment to your mind set that you’ve had to make since leaving The British Men of Letters and throwing in with the Winchesters?

KETCH: That I have free will. That’s still an adjustment I have to make, that even though Sam sends me places, I don’t have to follow the rule book, be that as it may, in how I go about things…

MELL: *talking to herself in the control room* Rules are meant to be broken.

KETCH: Quite.

MELL: Oh, I didn’t realize my headset was on. Sorry.

MICH: As you may know, the boys Impala is famous. Almost infamous. What is your preferred mode of transportation?

KETCH: I tend to opt towards my Norton Commando for a swift getaway, however as funds are now limited I cannot hire a car anymore. If need be, I will borrow one of the many in The Bunker’s garage, but I prefer to use my bike.

MICH: *whistles* That’s a beauty!

KETCH: Thank you.

MICH: Doesn’t that limit your available weapons? Where do you store them? Or have you managed to retain some of the toys from your old days?

KETCH: Yes, it does, but I find going old school can be rather invigorating, and having a limited arsenal keeps me on my toes.

MICH: Don’t want to lose that edge, so to speak? *chuckles* So I know you were out of the country… the US, that is…for a bit. Have you returned, or are you still across the pond?

KETCH: I’m on US soil, now, currently en-route to a case involving a lost teen that could be a possible Wendigo…and I am unable to return to the UK now for personal reasons…

MICH: Got ya! How do you like working in this country? How does it differ from your old haunts…so to speak…?

“The Emu have shown me that there is a chance for redemption and forgiveness, and though I have a long way to gain that from them, they at least are giving me the opportunity.”

– Ketch

KETCH: The American people are an eclectic mix; a very passionate and outspoken bunch. The few watering holes that are…desirable…are few and far between. How do I like working here? There are more monsters than we have in Britain, so there are some perks…

MICH: Ah, yes. Busy hands are happy hands! I believe you did some hunting with Gabriel, earlier. Do you miss having a partner?

KETCH: Hunting? With Gabriel? I don’t think so, my dear. Our encounter was brief, at that, I merely rescued him from Asmodeus, and returned him to his brother and the Winchesters. Nothing more.

MICH: Ah. My mistake. Oh! But you did hunt with Mary for a bit, right? So you have had a partner in the past. Do you miss her…um…it? Having a partner I mean?

KETCH: No. I’m a lone wolf. I hunt alone.

MICH: I see. If I may, I have a question from a viewer, and I quote: “Why did you become Ass-no-dick-us’ bitch?” I apologize for the language, but surely you must have known that a Prince Of Hell would ultimately betray you?

KETCH: As I was going to betray him! I had read all about him and his siblings, and the vast array of gifts he had sported were not his own, and suspected he had an ace up his sleeve. Did I know it was Gabriel? No. Did I know he was stealing his grace and using it for himself? Not till I saw it with my own eyes. Did I take the opportunity to take Gabriel to get one up on Asmodeus? Yes, I did. And to answer Gabriel’s question as I know it was he who asked, (only he calls him ‘Ass-no-dick-us’), I went where the money was good. He did pay me most handsomely…

MICH: Umm… well… yeah…I, Uh, I see our tea is getting cold, so we should probably wrap this up. Is there..is there anything you’d like to say to our audience? Some timely advice or words of wisdom?

KETCH: No. None at all. I must be getting on now, long way off to my final destination. Thank you Mich, it’s been…fun…

MICH: Thank you, sir. And good hunting! Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Arthur Ketch!

Mary Winchester

MICH: Thanks for joining us, Mary (@M_Winchester54). Now, obviously, there must have been quite a culture shock coming back after 30 years. What has been the hardest to adjust to? I mean, other than your boys being all grown up…

Mary Winchester (@M_Winchester54)

MARY: Hi, Mich. Thank you for having me. Many things, actually. How people interact, the technology. Even hunting isn’t how it used to be. There are things I prefer doing the old fashioned way, like going to the library to research, and talking to people face to face.

MICH:So, I guess Sam gets that from you? I’ve noticed that, though he’s a wizard on the computer, he still loves to have a real book in his hands, and his talking skills are legendary. What traits of Dean’s do you think he gets from you? *smirks* You aren’t, by chance, fond of pranks?

MARY:I guess so. I’ve liked to read since I was a kid, and I like to listen to people. I guess what Dean took from me is his sarcastic sense of humor – and the taste for bacon! *laughs*  I like their pranks. They’re quite entertaining. I just have to keep an eye out, in case it escalates.

MICH:Ha ha! Yes, Dean does love his bacon, bless his heart! And those boys definitely need to be kept an eye on! Speaking of watching, what do you think of your boys having talked with God in person? And what do YOU think of Chuck?

MARY:It’s quite impressive. Never in my life would I have thought Dean and Sam would meet God! I haven’t met Chuck in person, only on Twitter. But he seems to be a pretty laid back kind of person.

MICH: Yes, but very inscrutable.

ANGE: If I might interrupt, Mich, we have a viewer question: “Mary, you started watching that TV show based on Chuck’s books. What has it been like seeing your family’s story laid bare (sometimes literally)?”

MARY: The laid bare scenes, I fast forward. It’s too much information. I’m on season 3, and it has been intense. Some things made me laugh. Others, it broke my heart.

“Never in my life would I have thought Dean and Sam would meet God!”

– Mary

MICH:Welcome to the club! We’ve all had those reactions. Oh, speaking of laid back, a viewer wanted to know: “How did you convince John to name your first born son after your mother?”

MARY:There wasn’t much convincing. When I had the idea to name Dean after my mother, it was when I had him in my arms. There was something about him that reminded me of my mother. I chose the name, and John smiled and agreed.

MICH: *thinks of the births of her own children* Yes. That is a magical moment! Did you have any other names in mind before that moment of epiphany?

MARY:I had a huge list of names. Peter, Stephen, Isaac…John even suggested we name Dean after him. I said, no. John, Jr. is weird, and I didn’t want our son feeling like he should live under his father’s shadow.

MICH:Ironic…um…so, you’re staying at Donna’s cabin. How is that working out? Any girl bonding time?

MARY:It’s a nice cabin. It’s very quiet around here. We did! She came here after Bobby left, and we spent the night drinking beer and talking. She didn’t want me to be alone. Bless her heart.

MICH:She is a dear, sweet person! And a kickass hunter and Sheriff! Have you heard from Bobby? How is he doing? I’m supposed to interview him (@KingOfIdjits01) tomorrow. I hope he shows up…

MARY:Besides the tweet he left yesterday, I haven’t heard from him yet. He needs some space, and I’m giving it to him. Seeing his dead son shook him up pretty badly.

MICH:Yeah. I can see how it would. Um…*checks notes* I’ve noticed you have a taste for using pumpkins for target practice. Is there a reason for that? Or just because they’re in season?

MARY:I just like target practice when I have a lot in my mind. Pumpkins were because they’re in season. It could be watermelons, or beer bottles.

MICH:Must be hell to clean up! Well, I see our time is running out. Is there anything you’d like to say to our viewers?

MARY:That is true! I would like to thank all of you. You’re part of our family, and I love every single one of you.

MICH: It’s been fun chatting with you, Mary. I hope we can do it again some time! *hugs* Ladies and gentlemen! Mary Winchester!!!

MichTV: Emu Talk (Day 2)

MICH: Hello! And welcome to MichTV’s second installment of Emu Talk. Our own version of The Super Bowl. Today we continue to celebrate a year of having our Emu Family with us on Twitter! I’m pretty excited, so let’s get started, shall we?

Jody Mills

MICH: Sheriff Mills (@BionicSheriff)! Welcome! May I call you Jody? I’m also the mother of young girls so I’m interested. What is your opinion of Social Media? Good? Bad? Both? Neither?

Sheriff Jody Mills (@BionicSheriff)

JODY: Hi Mich! Hi all! Yes, of course, Jody is fine. I guess I’d go with both good & bad, but cultural evolution is always both. It usually sorts itself out for the best. Sadly, my girls acquired worldliness young, but that protects them from falling prey to the worst online threats.

MICH: That’s certainly true! You have a home filled with 3 strong willed young women of very un-similar backgrounds and *checks notes* several kittens it seems! How do you hold it together?

JODY: Strong willed…*laughs* They are that! I wouldn’t want it any other way. Keep in mind, these are grown women,  mostly *rueful smile* but kitten antics are a great diversionary tactic when there are tensions between them. As the only adult in the house, though, Patience keeps us in line. *winks*

MICH:I guess she would see trouble coming, eh? As both a Sheriff and a hunter, how do you balance your workload? Both are pretty demanding occupations. Is there much of a conflict?

JODY:The girls help, but it’s a balancing act. Keeping my deputies none the wiser, and safe, is difficult, but access to official law enforcement resources is gold. I can’t see myself flashing a fake badge when I know what a real one can do. Still, the day may come when I have to choose.

MICH:I don’t envy you that position. Speaking of awkward… I believe the last time you saw Mary (@M_Winchester54), it was not under ideal circumstances, what with the brain washing and trying to kill you and all. Have you talked to her since then? Have you two managed to sort things out?

JODY:Yes, Mary & I are on excellent terms. It was the British Men of Letters at fault – I’m just glad they’re gone. I think she knows I’d lay down and die for Sam & Dean, and we have other things in common, so it was a pretty natural friendship. And hey! We have similar taste in men to top it off. *laughs*

MICH:*chuckles* Yes, I noticed! I heard about your recent hunt, vetalas I understand? It was an all hands on deck situation? Even Donna got involved?

JODY:Donna comes when she can, to be here for the girls, plus, everything’s better with your best bud. We’ve tossed around the idea of training young hunters as a thing, you know? We can’t Sheriff in different towns and do that, too, though. And, yeah! Alex (@Alex_Joness98) kicked ALL the ass on our hunt!

MICH: Way to go, Alex! Training hunters, huh? That’s an interesting idea! I think you two would be great at that. If you find a way to do it, do you think Claire would get involved?

“I have faith in us all, our resiliency and our commitment to be here for each other.”

– Jody

JODY:Yes, I’m sure she would. She has valuable experience to share, and, it may surprise you, but she’s a patient teacher. I doubt she’d commit full time, though. As much as she loves family, & having a home base, Claire collects no dust. I respect that sometimes she needs to go.

MICH:That’s very understanding of you. It’s tough when they grow up so much, isn’t it? Finding that balance between protecting them and letting them go their own way. *sigh* Been there. Of course, mine just flew off to college, so not the same kind of worries as you. *knock wood*

JODY:It’s tough to let them go.*nods* I feel like the girls’ Mom. I couldn’t love them more if I was, but they came to me grown, so in many ways I don’t feel like I have as much juice on the major life decisions as a regular Mom. It’s not easy to reign in The Mom Voice, though, let me tell you.

MICH:I’m sure! I find myself using it on others sometimes. Even the Winchester boys on occasion! I know you’re a busy lady, so I’ll let you get back to work. Thank you for protecting us from threats both natural and supernatural. Is there anything you’d like to say to the audience?

JODY:Just that no matter how bad things get, or how hopeless they seem, it gets better. I have faith in us all, our resiliency and our commitment to be here for each other. If any of you feel low on faith, know that I am somewhere out here, and mine never waivers. Thanks, Mich!

MICH: *hugs, with teary eyes* Thank you, Jody. That means a lot to us. And thank you for coming on today. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Sheriff Jody Mills! Let’s give her some love back!

Charlie Bradbury

Charlie Bradbury

MICH: Hello, Charlie. I don’t think we’ve really met before, but I’m a big fan. Now, when you came to this universe, one of the first things you did was go on a road trip with Rowena. Can you tell us a little about that?

CHARLIE: Hi, Mich, it’s nice to meet you! It was very fun actually. It was strange to see how different this world is to the other one. Rowena helped me adjust and to feel more at home here, which I’m very thankful for. Here’s one of my favorite photos from the trip.

MICH:Looks like you two were having some fun. Ginger Alert! Hehe… Now that things have settled down for you a bit, what have you been up to? Are you still hunting or going for the quiet life?

CHARLIE:Yes we were! Honestly, I’m still wanting out, but I’m sticking around for if/when I’m needed. I want to start over, after the war against the angels back in the other universe, I’m tired of fighting. Maybe I’ll change my mind, but I’m pretty decided right now.

MICH:I can’t say I blame you! So what are you doing to keep busy? Any hobbies?

CHARLIE:At the moment I’m doing a lot of reading! I’m re-reading a lot of my old favorites and catching up on some new things. I’m always open to new suggestions!

MICH:What new things and advances have you discovered?

CHARLIE:Hmm, I’m loving Netflix, we didn’t have that over there. There are a lot of great shows and films on there!

MICH:What are some of your recent favorites?

CHARLIE: I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it’s nice and light-hearted, and Stranger Things is also a great one

MICH: Yes, I’m a fan of Stranger Things myself! There have been quite a lot of technological advances here. Besides Netflix, what have you found most interesting? Or are you not into that kind of stuff?

“I think sometimes they are looking for her in me, but I can’t blame them, I understand where they’re coming from. If I was to see Kara from this universe, I’d definitely be looking for my Kara in her.”

– Charlie

CHARLIE:It’s a great show! I’m enjoying a lot of video games too! Something I’m finding interesting is how different the two universes are from each other! Some stuff is taking a bit of getting used to.

MICH: Can you give us an example? Our viewers are fascinated at the idea of so many different universes out there.

CHARLIE: Sure! Some of it is little things like someone’s name is different, or someone has a different job. Other stuff is more noticeable, like someone hasn’t been born in one universe, or the whole war thing. It is quite interesting!

MICH:So changes both big and small! And how is it going with you? Do the Winchesters still see shadows of the other Charlie, or have they fully accepted you as your own person now?

CHARLIE:Definitely!  It’s going alright, thanks! I think sometimes they are looking for her in me, but I can’t blame them, I understand where they’re coming from. If I was to see Kara from this universe, I’d definitely be looking for my Kara in her.

MICH:I can understand that. So, do you keep in touch with the folks from your universe who made the crossing?

CHARLIE: Yes, I do! When we’re not together, Maggie and I keep in touch a lot, and I chat to the others too. We all went through a lot together, so it’d be a shame to lose touch!

MICH:That’s so true! *checks time* Well it’s been wonderful getting to chat with you! I wish you all the best in the future. Is there anything you’d like to say to the audience?

CHARLIE:Thank you! It’s been great talking to you too! Thank you for taking the time to speak to me. I’d just like to say thank you for listening!

MICH: *hugs* Ladies and gentlemen, Charlie Bradbury! A queen in any universe!

Alex Jones

MICH: Welcome, Alex (@AlexJoness98)! It’s good to see you. You’ve been rather reluctant about the hunting life, and we’ve seen the difficulties that can cause. A medical career can be very demanding. Do you feel you have struck a good balance between work and hunting?

Alex Jones (@AlexJoness98)

ALEX: Hi Mich! It’s good to see you too! I don’t really like hunting, and definitely don’t want to do it full time. I only really go on hunts that need a lot of hunters/back up or if someone needs help, I’d never leave anyone in danger. So to answer your question, I’d say I have!

MICH:That’s good to hear. So, tell us. What drew you to nursing?

ALEX: After everything I had to do with Celia and the nest over the years, I felt like I needed to do something to make up for it. I just want to help people. So by being a nurse, I can do that, I can save lives. Maybe that’ll make up for everything else.

MICH:A noble commitment. And you seem to have a real talent for it. I’ve noticed quite a few of the boys cases start with people who have been hospitalized. Has your job ever brought any cases to your attention that you’ve passed on to Jody or the Winchesters?

ALEX:Thank you! A few have actually! A couple of weeks ago, we had a case involving vetala, which came to our attention because of a few bodies coming into the morgue.

MICH:With you at the hospital and Jody in police work, you all seem to have a very good network for finding information. But what do you do with your free time? Do you actually have any?

ALEX: It is, and it can come in handy for cases. We can find out information a lot easier than other hunters! Honestly I don’t really have a lot! But when I do, I like to watch tv and films, both alone and with my family. Cycling and yoga are fun too.

“I felt like I needed to do something to make up for it. I just want to help people. So by being a nurse, I can do that, I can save lives.”

– Alex

MICH:Speaking of your family, I hear there are some new additions! So which is harder to deal with? Six kittens or Claire? *laughs*

ALEX:Haha yes! Hmm, that’s a tough one, I’d have to say six kittens! Claire can be a nightmare sometimes! *wink*

MICH:That’s the Chuck’s honest truth! She is a bit of a wild child! How is she holding up with the whole Kaia situation? I know it’s been tough for her.

ALEX:Ha, she really is!  It’s been very difficult for all of us, but especially Claire. She blames herself, but we all know it wasn’t her fault, it’s just hard to get it through to her.

MICH:Wow! She’s sounding more like a Winchester every day. Well, I know you’re a busy gal. Anything you’d like to say to our viewers?

ALEX: I know! I think she may have spent too much time with them! *laughs* Hmm, I guess I’d say thank you all for your support, and I love you all! Thanks for chatting with me Mich!

MICH: *Hugs* Thank you for giving us some of your time. You keep up the good fight, sweetheart! People let’s give Alex a little TLC!!

Claire Novak

MICH: Hello, Claire! Welcome, my friend! I’m glad you could make it! You know, we’ve literally watched you grow from a lonely child to a fine, strong, young woman with a family. How has that changed you?

Claire Novak

CLAIRE:Hey Mich. Thank you for having me. I guess I would say having family gives me a sense of security I didn’t have before, but it also adds pressure to not let them get hurt.

MICH: It is a balancing act. And then, of course, you have Jack (@jacklovesnougat) added to the mix. How has it been having a little brother?

CLAIRE:A big one for sure. A little crazy. We still are learning who the other is, and at times it can add some stress. For the most part, it’s not too bad.

MICH: He is a sweetheart. Jody mentioned she and Donna are thinking of starting to train young hunters. Would that be something that interests you?

CLAIRE:It’s the first that I heard of it, but yeah, I’d be open to it. I don’t know if I would do it forever, but it would be nice to have a hand in helping others learn how to be better hunters or deal with the aftermath from monsters.

MICH:You’ve been hunting for quite a while now. I know the Winchesters have helped you along. What would you say is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?

CLAIRE: I was thrown into it, and they have helped mold me to who I am now. They’re family. The biggest thing I’ve learned, and am still learning, is that being vulnerable, open, or Wayward as we call it, is not weakness. It’s a sign of strength.

MICH:You’ve definitely proven yourself a strong person. You’ve hunted several different types of monsters, is there any one in particular that you prefer? Which are the easiest or hardest?

CLAIRE:Thank you. Hmm. I do like going after vampires, but I don’t vocalize that often because of Alex (@Alex_Joness98)’s background. As for the easiest, I’m not sure that any are easy. Anything can go wrong. Even with the ones that you think will be an in and out type of job. The hardest…I would say the hardest would be the ones that Michael screwed around with. We’re having to get really creative.

MICH:Oh, yes! That douchebag really fuc…um… messed things up. Have you had to deal with many of them?

ANGE:*talks into headset* we’re gonna need a 7 second delay to bleep you if you keep this up

MICH:*touches earpiece, rolls eyes and gives a slight nod*

CLAIRE:Not too many yet, thankfully, but yeah, he really screwed us over. *whispers* Trying to keep my replies to pg rated answers. I feel pretty strongly about him to say the least.

MICH: I feel ya, sister! And thanks. So hunting keeps you pretty busy, but you must have some down time. What do you do for fun? Or to relieve the stress?

” The biggest thing I’ve learned, and am still learning, is that being vulnerable, open, or Wayward as we call it, is not weakness. It’s a sign of strength.”

– Claire

CLAIRE: You’re welcome. It does for sure. I like to read and I’ve started to try painting a bit. It may sound silly, but I’ve really been enjoying helping Jody at the station. I’ve been organizing cold cases and it’s been rather relaxing.

MICH:Painting? That sounds very relaxing. I’d love to see some of your work! And I’m sure Jody appreciates your help. Now, I know this is a sore subject, and if you don’t want to talk about it I understand…How…how are you holding up with the whole Kaia situation?

CLAIRE:It has been. I’ll see if I can find a half decent one. Jody is great. I’m glad I’m able to help her. She’s done a lot for us. As for Kaia…my gut reaction is to say I’m fine, but it is hard. I miss her, and knowing Dark Kaia meant to kill me is a tough pill to swallow. I’m thankful for Kaia’s sacrifice, but I do feel responsible. I promised to protect her, and I wasn’t able to.

MICH:It’s something we all have to deal with as we get older…*sigh* But enough of that. I hear you have six new additions to the family! How are the kittens?

CLAIRE:Yeah, I guess so…*smiles softly* The kittens are great! I love having them around. All six of them are little snuggle monsters – which is something we all need.

MICH:I guess you might say they are therapy animals? So, you and your sisters. Do y’all ever prank each other?

CLAIRE:They definitely are, and as for pranking, of course! What kind of sisters would we be if we didn’t?

MICH: Can you share one or two with us?

CLAIRE:My favorite prank so far was replacing the middle of Oreos with toothpaste. We’ve also dumped buckets of feathers on each other. Seems to be a thing that happens around here.

JODY: *interjects with a sigh* But they clean it up, too. *nods*

MICH: Thank Chuck!

Jody: Sorry, just heading to the green room for a beverage and happened to catch that. I’m not even here… *backs out with exaggerated stealth*

MICH: *laughs* I hadn’t heard of that Oreo thing before! May have to try it on my kids! But I see there’s a news report of three bodies found without their hearts a few towns west of here, so I’m sure you’ll want to check that out. Anything you’d like to say to your friends before you go?

CLAIRE: Make sure you record their reactions! I want to see it. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll get the gear together and we can head out. Thank you for having me, and thank you for the support you all give us. I don’t respond to everything, but seeing all the support means a lot.

MICH: *hugs* You take care of yourself! Everyone! Let’s give a Wayward round of applause for Claire Novak!

CLAIRE: *hugs* Thank you for having me. You all stay safe!

Dean Winchester

MICH:Welcome, my…whoa…Sorry, dude! Those eyes get me every time! Okay. So… In your universe you’re relatively unknown.  How does it feel knowing that here there are literally hundreds of people who not only know you, but love you and support you?

Dean Winchester (@Dean_67Impala)

ANGE:*talks into headset* Lock it up, dude. You’re a professional

MICH:*mumbles* I’m trying….

DEAN:It’s weird, I’ve spent my whole life deliberately flying under the radar. Now there’s worlds of folks who know so much about me, my life, and they don’t judge me for it, they embrace me. It’s a little bit of culture shock, but I’m adjusting and have made some good friends.

MICH:Well, I can assure you that being able to talk with all of you is a true Chuck sent wonder for us! I just hope we’re not a bother or distraction. Speaking of which, let’s take a viewer question from…How did this get in here?!?! I’m so sorry…

DEAN:She doesn’t like to admit it, but she can’t resist the musk.

MICH:Yes, well, we all know how Sil operates…Ok, next question from a viewer: *face palm* Oh, Jesus… “Pretend for a few moments that Baby was never your car. BLASPHEMY, I KNOW, BUT, if it wasn’t, and you were standing on a car lot today and could get any car you wanted, what would it be? You can’t say another Impala.”

DEAN: A 1965 Dodge Dart/Demon, cherry red.

“It’s weird, I’ve spent my whole life deliberately flying under the radar. Now there’s worlds of folks who know so much about me, my life, and they don’t judge me for it, they embrace me. It’s a little bit of culture shock”

– Dean

MICH:Ok. Very inconspicuous…I’m sure Sam would love it. Speaking of Sam, a viewer wanted us to ask you how the whole “Bitch, Jerk” thing between you two got started?

DEAN:As you know, Bros fight. I don’t recall the exact circumstances now, but I told Sam not to be such a Bitch (not my finest moment, I know) and he yelled that I shouldn’t be such a Jerk, either. We ended up laughing over the absurdity of it later, and it just kind of stuck.

MICH:That very sweet…in a Winchester kind of way. You Winchesters are known for many things, including your wonderful smiles, your beautiful eyes and, of course, your hair. I know Sam usually gets most of the hair questions, but… well… how do you get that floof?

DEAN:*chuckles* It’s called being busy and not caring much. I’m very low maintenance, and my hair reflects that.

CASTIEL: *pokes head around doorframe* It’s fluffier when you put just a little product in it.

DEAN:Well yeah, that’s true.

CASTIEL:I told them that’s how you got me to tame my wild mane.

DEAN:Had to do something about that hair of yours, Thursday.

MICH:Mmhmmm…Well, whatever you’re doing it’s definitely working for you! *clears throat* Yes, right. Okay… So I know you heard of Dean Girls long ago, but now, thanks to Twitter, you’ve gotten to meet some up close…as it were…What do you think about that?

DEAN: I’m rather fond of them for the most part, wonderful bunch of folks. It’s a misnomer though, cause there’s some awesome Dean Guys and NBs too. There’s been a few who are…a bit intense, and I tend to be a bit more wary around them. All-in-all, good people though.

MICH:Sorry about anyone bothering you. Social Media is a grab bag. Speaking of, now that you all are raising Jack, as the only one with, shall we say “Parenting Experience”, thanks to raising Sam, how is it going? And how is it different from when you were parenting Sam?

DEAN:Jack is an amazing kid, and I’m honored to be one of his dads. I see a lot of similarities between raising both, mostly with their innocence of the world, but with Jack having been forced into an older form, there’s worlds other difficulties to wrangle. He’s got the pure heart of a child, but the body of a young man and a very sharp mind. It’s hard to reconcile it sometimes, and not expect too much from him, or insult him by coddling him too much. It’s a delicate balance, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love the kid.

MICH:Yes, I think we all do. He’s a sweetheart. Do you ever give an internal laugh, seeing Sam having to struggle with parenting, and has it made him appreciate even more what you went through with him?

DEAN:Sam is a good father and I’m proud of how well he’s doing with Jack. Of all of us, he’s the one that deserves a good life and family. I still hold out hope for that. I think Sam has a better understanding now of some of the hard choices I made when he was younger. We talk more.

MICH:I’m happy to hear it. There’s nothing like having kids of your own to make you appreciate your own parents more. Speaking of appreciating, how is that new mixer working out? Any new culinary creations?

DEAN:Honestly, I’ve been a bit too preoccupied to use it yet. I’m hoping to have time to play with it soon though, that thing is awesome.

MICH:Well, we can’t wait for you to get the chance! We look forward to hearing what you’re cooking up! This has been a delight, and if you can hang around a bit, I’d love to have you, Cas and Sam back together to finish this show with a bang… figuratively speaking. What do you say?

DEAN:Sounds good to me, Mich. I’ll just head into the Green Room for some sweet treats.

MICH: Great! I’m sure Mell will be happy to accommodate you. I’m really very sure she will. Until later, then, my friend! *hugs and kisses cheek* Okay, people! Give some loving to our own Dean Fucking Winchester!

DEAN: Thanks, Mich.

Sam Winchester

MICH: Hello, sweethea… SAM (@SamSoGetThis)! Welcome to the show! You’re looking…fit. Yes, very, very….healthy.*sighs* Well! Now that you are aware, thanks to Twitter, that your life is a show here, how has it affected you? Or do you just carry on? *adjusts glasses*

Sam Winchester (@SamSoGetThis)

SAM:Hey Mich, thanks for having me. It’s good to see you again. I try to just continue on since there’s nothing I can really do about it. But it’s still weird.

MICH:I know you heard of Sam Girls long ago, but now thanks to Nephilim WiFi, you’ve gotten to meet me…us… some of them… face-to-face, so to speak. How has that been for you?

SAM:It’s been… entertaining. Most have been pretty fun. I’ve only encountered a few that… well, reminded me of someone I used to know.

MICH:Ouch! Well, that’s unfortunate. Let’s see if we have a question from a viewer. I know you stated no questions about your hair…*flips through cards* .. no, no, no…Ok! We have a question: “If you could travel back in time and have a chance to learn from any of the scholars of the past, who would it be, and why?”

SAM: Huh, that’s a great question. The first name that comes to mind is Leonardo DaVinci. He was a man of many talents and interests. He would be fascinating to learn from.

MICH: That would definitely be fascinating. If you could go back in time…I mean voluntarily…what past civilization would you want to visit?

SAM:I….I couldn’t possibly pick just one. There are so many interesting….wait. Actually, I’d go back to observe and study the angels’ civilization.

MICH:Oh! That WOULD be fascinating! To be a fly on Chuck’s wall back then, eh? Providing He had created flies back then…but anyways. I know you’re often teased about your healthy eating habits, but it can’t all be kale and grilled chicken! What are your guilty eating pleasures?

SAM:Well, there are a few kinds of cookies, warm and fresh, that I have a bit of a weakness for.

MICH: Cookies! I think everyone has a weakness for those. But it must be tough with Jack’s sweet tooth to keep any around. Speaking of Jack, you’re in a bit of a parenting role now. Not something you’re used to. How is that going for you?

” I owe him everything for that. (Dean) practically raised me. I’m just seeing what it’s like with a teenager. It definitely gives me more appreciation for what he went through with me.”

– Sam

SAM:It hasn’t been easy for any of us. Someone has constantly been dead, dying, or possessed. But he is one of us through and through. Self sacrificing, trying everything to save family. He likes to sneak sweets, and I pretend to not always know. And he’s a little moody sometimes. Dean’s the only one of us who’s raised a teenager. I have no idea what I’m doing.

MICH:Does it give you a greater appreciation for what Dean went through? He was basically a kid on his own when he raised you.

SAM:I know. I owe him everything for that. He practically raised me. I’m just seeing what it’s like with a teenager. It definitely gives me more appreciation for what he went through with me.

MICH:I know when my kids became teenagers, I felt a desire to apologize to my mother! Speaking of being kids…a listener asks: “How did the whole ‘Bitch, Jerk’ thing come about?”

SAM: Oh, that was a long time ago. We were fighting, about something stupid. He resorted to calling me a bitch. I fast frustrated and came back with calling him a jerk. It became a thing.

MICH:Well it’s very endearing. So, we’ve heard what Dean’s dream vacation would be. What is yours? If the world was safe and you had the time and money, what would you like to do?

SAM:That is a hard one…I think I’d like to travel through Europe. Visit all the museums, libraries, sites.

MICH:Perfect! If I could, I’d take you on that trip myself. Sam, it’s been lovely chatting with you. I have a couple more interviews, but I would love it if you, Dean and Cas would join me together later to end the show. I’m sure Mell can make you comfortable while you wait. Please?

SAM:Absolutely. It’s been a pleasure. Thank you, Mich.

MICH: No, thank you, Sam! *hugs…* Until later, my dear! Let’s give it up for Sam Fucking Winchester!!

Rowena MacLeod

MICH: You are looking as lovely as ever! Thank you for coming. *pours some tea* You are, shall we say, a woman of the world? You have lived a long and full life. Tell me, what time do you feel suited you best? When were you the most comfortable?

Rowena MacLeod (@MegaCovenQueen)

ROWENA:Oh my… I do apologize Mich, dear…I was unexpectedly delayed…fashionably late, really. What time suited me best? I can thrive in ANY time. It’s all about how you present yourself to the world, don’t you agree?

MICH:Absolutely! *discreet, ladylike fist bump* But what would you say was the Golden Age for magic?

ROWENA:If I truly have to pick, I’d say our current time. No more Grand Coven to tell me what I can and can’t do!

MICH:I can see how that would be…liberating. Speaking of freedom, Word is that you and Charlie had a wee road trip. What were you two redheads up to?

ROWENA:Oh, I can’t possibly divulge that kind of information! What happens on redhead roadtrips, STAYS on redhead roadtrips!

MICH:I see! Hmmm. So, other than the problem with Dean, what are you up to these days? What mischief are you brewing?

ROWENA:Well, I’ve just been enjoying life. It seems that someone is always needing me for SOMETHING, and now that they’ve put a Band-Aid on the poor wee nephilim, I can get a bit of time to relax… some Rowena time. It has been glorious!

MICH:Oh has it? How have you been enjoying yourself? Any…hobbies?

ROWENA:Hobbies? Do you see me knitting socks or baking scones? I enjoy going to the ballet, fine wine, and studying the Black Grimoire…if I had it, of course. Which obviously I do not.

MICH: That is a pity. But the ballet, huh? Very posh. You’re well known for your elegant fashion sense. Even your casual wear is quite stylish. Where do you find your outfits? Or do you just magic them up?

” I can thrive in ANY time. It’s all about how you present yourself to the world, don’t you agree?”

– Rowena

ROWENA:Why thank you! It’s so nice to be recognized! I have a dressmaker I have worked with for many, MANY years. She knows what I like. But some of my more… conventional attire has been bought for me by some of my more ardent suitors.

MICH:Well, that’s a certain kind of magic all it’s own, isn’t it? Speaking of suitors, any new men in your life?

ROWENA:I recently broke things off with my most recent amour, after I discovered his idea of a romantic date was going fly fishing. So now I have…attracted the attentions of one Mr. St.James, heir to a chain of luxury hotels.

MICH:Sounds like you’ve been doing a little fishing of your own! Congratulations, and best wishes that it works out for you. Now, I see our time is running out. Any mystic words of wisdom for our audience?

ROWENA: Always happy to oblige: Nice girls? They’re pathetic…

MICH: Words to live by!! Thank you for gracing us with your presence. *does air kiss to cheeks* Ladies and gentlemen, all hail the ginger queen! Rowena!


MICH: Hello, Angel! Good to see you! Those clothes really bring out those eyes, my friend! You seem much more relaxed. Now that you have not only Claire, but Jack as well, how has being a parent changed your views on Humanity and Free Will?

Castiel (@CastielofEmuRP)

CASTIEL:Thank you, and thanks for having me, Mich. Being a parent has taught me a lot about families and relationships, as well about humanity. Having amazing co-parents in Jody, Dean, and Sam is a blessing. I appreciate the little moments so much more, because that time is fleeting. And since my daughter is an adult I have to respect her choices in free will.

MICH:So I guess you’d say it takes a bunker to raise a child? Hahaha…But seriously, you all do an outstanding job with them. And Jack is growing up to be a fine person. Has there been any unusual problems you’ve had to deal with?

CASTIEL:I guess you’d say the typical family doesn’t have to deal with their son accidentally teleporting to Hawaii. Both of my children are extraordinary people, with strong personalities, and the ability to think outside of the box. I’m extremely proud of them.

MICH: And well you should be! Let’s take a question from our audience, a viewer asks: “Describe your perfect vacation.”

CASTIEL:As a family, I think going to a theme park and spending a weekend enjoying it sounds great. If it was more of an adults only trip…someplace sunny with fruity boozy drinks.

MICH: Sounds heavenly… if you’ll pardon the phrase. A viewer asks: “since you’ve been around so long, what civilization would you say was your favorite?: She also wants to know: “How do you keep your angel blade up your sleeve” …Really

CASTIEL:I don’t actually keep my angel blade up my sleeve. I summon it to this plane of existence when I need it, and send it back when I don’t.

MICH:That’s…handy. You never know when you might need a little protection, am I right? *wink*

“Being a parent has taught me a lot about families and relationships, as well about humanity…I appreciate the little moments so much more, because that time is fleeting.”

– Castiel

CASTIEL:As far as civilization? I think the Renaissance period. Art and science were developing so rapidly.

MICH:Yes indeed! We’ve seen many paintings and sculptures of angels from that time. How accurate would you say they are?

CASTIEL:Very few. Gabriel for one was disappointed that his nude modeling was…reduced.

MICH*snort laugh* Yes, he does enjoy flaunting his… equipment…So he’s always been like that? It’s not just Loki’s influence?

CASTIEL:I think the influence was mutual at some point

MICH:That’s a whole lot of influence! So, you Winchesters are admired for many things. Including your hair. That Artfully Tousled look you have…is it something you do on purpose, or is it naturally occurring? Is there some kind of angel mojo involved?

CASTIEL:At first I just went with Jimmy’s disheveled look because it was of no import. Then it was actually Dean who got me to tame it with a little product.

MICH:Oh, really? Well, well…So, how have your human skills been coming along? It must still be strange to do laundry and such. I hear you have some fancy new appliances. Have you been doing any cooking?

CASTIEL:I have come a long way since nuking  taquitos at the Gas-n-Sip. The panini press is amazing. Grilling sourdough bread for sandwiches… mmm. Now laundry…it’s actually kind of zen for me to fold warm laundry.

MICH:Are you teaching Jack to cook? Seems like a good skill for him to learn. Plus, it was a bonding experience with me and my kids.

CASTIEL:Jack can cook a few things. He was so proud of not burning the grilled cheese sandwich Dean taught him to make.

MICH:How long did it take Dean to convince him not to put nougat in it?…just kidding. Parenthood seems to have loosened you up some. The casual clothes really suit you. But I’ve noticed that when you’re working a case, you revert to the trench coat and tie. Is it a uniform thing?

CASTIEL:It is, really. It helps put me in the mindset. I’m on a job. But homelife is just that…home. I need to have a bit of a line between the two to thrive at both

MICH:That sounds like a healthy way to handle it. And speaking of healthy, you’re looking in fine shape. Do you work out at all, or does the angel grace take care of everything? Or perhaps you have a regimen to reduce stress? Chuck knows, you have a lot of that!

CASTIEL:I do yoga and go on runs with Sam occasionally. We have a gym at home. I’m mostly maintained by grace but Dean and I spar sometimes for stress relief.

MICH:To bad you can’t bottle and sell that…I know that Dean was basically the first person that influenced…uh…affected your cultural tastes, but how have you evolved them on your own? Are there things you like that you’ve found on your own?

CASTIEL:One big difference is that I binge watch procedural cop dramas. Dean hates them. I like driving a truck. I love heavy metal. Sometimes I can sway Dean to my tastes but some things we will not agree on.

MICH:Well, all good friendships are a matter of give and take. I need to wrap this up for now. I have a couple more interviews to do, but if possible, I’d like to have you, Dean and Sam back together later to wrap the show up. What do you say? I’m sure Mell can take care of you.

CASTIEL:I’ll be enjoying the fine spread in the green room, Mich.

MICH: Excellent! *hugs* Until later, then! People, let’s give our angel some love!

Bobby Singer

MICH: Hello, sir, and thank you for joining us. Now that you’ve had a chance to look around this universe, can you tell us what you think are the best and the worst things here?

Bobby Singer (@KingofIdjits01)

BOBBY:Thank you Mich for takin’ time to talk with me. Not havin’ scores of angels tryin’ to kill ya is a nice change. It’s almost like a dang holiday. I’m still tryna get used to all this technology. People put a lotta importance on this crap, and I just don’t get it.

MICH:Yes, well, I guess it’s what a person is used to. How are things going for you? Are you adjusting well?

BOBBY: I am, Mich. Mary and her boys have been real good about helpin’ us all get adjusted and settled in here.

MICH:Yes, the Winchesters are wonderful people. Other than the whole no-apocalypse-happening, what is your favorite thing about this new universe?

BOBBY:It’s kinda tied to the no-apocalypse thing, but life here isn’t as hectic as back home. Sure y’all still got monsters-n-problems, but it’s like night-n-day. There’s so much more than just survivin’ here.

MICH:So what do you do in your down time to relax? Or just for fun?

BOBBY:I’ve been helpin’ Dean in the garage. I don’t know if yer aware, but I used to be a mechanic at one time. I kinda enjoy time at the range. Never hurts to stay sharp.

MICH:In your line of work, that is certainly true! And the Bunker has some very fine vehicles. Have you discovered any new aspects of this world? Netflix for example? It might help you catch up with the current cultural happenings.

BOBBY:Mary introduced me to Netflix. I’m a might embarrassed to admit, but I find them contest shows a real hoot. I’m workin’ on “Nailed-It,” right now.

MICH:Oh? I’ll have to check that out. One of our employees has a question.

ANGE:Would you ever consider reopening one of the Men Of Letters capitulum and starting your own hunting base?

BOBBY:That’s not a bad idea. It would take some strain offa them boys there, and we could spread the network out a some. We’ll hafta check logistics, but I like that idea.

MICH:Well, anything that can take some of the load off the Winchester boys is a good thing. If I may ask, how are things going with you and Mary?

BOBBY:Things are going well. I can’t say more’n that. It ain’t polite to discuss a lady’s business without her leave. I’m sure ya understand.

MICH:Perfectly. Have you been keeping in touch with the other folk that crossed over with you?

BOBBY:I sure have. We’ve become a family of sorts, what with the war and all. I don’t get to talk as of’en lately, but we keep in touch. Maggie sends me updates, too. Sweet kid, Maggie.

MICH:Yes. She’s come a long way. Did you know she’s taken on more of a leadership role with the other hunters? She’s really growing fast.

BOBBY: She has, eh? That’s good to hear. That girl has lotsa potential if she’d just come outta that shell.

“Be grateful for what ya got, cause you don’t know how good ya have it.”

– Bobby

MICH:She seems to be breaking through. As I recall, you were working on training young Jack. What do you think of him?

BOBBY:Jack’s a fine young man. He’s a good reflection on his dads.

MICH:He’s growing fast…so to speak. Is there any advice that you gave him that sticks in your mind?

BOBBY:I’m not one for fancy words, Mich.

MICH:Doesn’t need to be fancy. Just from the heart.

BOBBY:Fair enough. I don’t recall anything special, just told him he could be who he wants to be.

MICH:Well, that seems to cover it all. Thank you for taking some time with us, Bobby. Is there anything you’d like to say to the folks out there?

BOBBY:It was my pleasure, Mich. Be grateful for what ya got, cause you don’t know how good ya have it.

MICH: Well said!! Folks, give a hand to Mr. Bobby Singer!!


MICH: Oh! My! That’s…that’s quite an entrance! Um, welcome, O Dark Lady! Ah…now that You’ve had a chance to travel to all Your Brother’s creations, not just this planet, I was wondering, what impressed You the most? And what did You most disapprove of?

AMARA:I apologize about the delay, but I was at a dinner party. *smirks* I would have to say that I’m most impressed by the beautiful cohesion of the life forms on this planet, and of the planets themselves. Least impressed? The arrogance and destructiveness of the “higher” life forms.

MICH:Sadly, we are stuck on this one planet. Can You describe any of the places You’ve seen?

AMARA:So much, and yet so little. The universe is as vast in diversity of landscapes as it is in size.

MICH:I guess awesome would be a proper description. Now that You and Your Brother have reconciled, what are Your plans?

AMARA:Plans? We have none. Being immortal is much different from the lives that you lead. You must pack in as many enjoyable experience as possible into your limited lives. We don’t, and…I haven’t spent much time with my brother since the holidays. I’ve been alone. Wandering.

MICH: That’s understandable, after being cooped up for so long. Have you found any favorite places?

AMARA:I’m drawn to water. The oceans, lakes, rivers….all hold some fascination for me. The underwater creatures and environments are so beautiful and varied. Even the water itself is so important to this world.

MICH:It sounds beautiful. And quite tranquil. Have You considered trying Your hand at creating anything?

AMARA: Gabriel, my sweet nephew, once asked me that same question. I will tell you what I told him, no. I stay my hand from that out of respect for my brother’s creation. He is the light….the life bringer, and I am the antithesis of that. I should not create.

“I would have to say that I’m most impressed by the beautiful cohesion of the life forms on this planet, and of the planets themselves. Least impressed? The arrogance & destructiveness of the “higher” life forms.”

– Amara

MICH:Somehow that seems quite sad. I want to thank You for joining me tonight. I won’t keep You longer. Is there anything You would like to say to our audience before You continue on Your way?

AMARA: You’re welcome, Mich, and I think I’ve said enough for one evening. Goodbye. *disappears*

MICH: *bows respectfully* Thank You. Ladies. Gentlemen. The Darkness, Amara.


Mal (Stunt Demon 3)

MICH: Ah…hello? Um, I’m not sure how to address you. Stunt Demon (@StuntDemon_3), doesn’t seem proper…*clears throat* But anyway…as the newest member of the Emu Bunker, what do you feel you bring to the mix?

Stunt Demon 3, Mal (@StuntDemon_3) Art

MAL: Well, hello there morsel. You can call me…Mal. Yes, that’ll do nicely.

MICH:Ah…the name is actually Mich…So, tell us. A demon in the Emu Bunker, how did that happen?

MAL: I’ve been following the exploits of the Winchesters for a while now, as you can imagine, and when I saw my opportunity…I took it. In these times of turmoil, they realized the mutually beneficial relationship having a demon in their corner could provide, so here I am!

MICH:And exactly what kind of benefits might those be?

MAL: I’m afraid that’s strictly between the boys and me, morsel. Suffice to say, they’re quite satisfied.

MICH:Mmhmmm…And the name is MICH. Thank you very much! Have you ever been summoned? What is that like?

MAL: I have been summoned a few times, and I’m not particularly fond of it. Fortunately, I’ve been able to limit the experience by making sure there’s no, “repeat offenders,” if you will. To quote Gwen Stefani, “I ain’t no holla back girl”.

MICH:I….see. And have you ever been exorcised?

MAL: Oh, Mor…Mich, how delightful you are!  There was a close call once when I was new in the field, but you pick up things over time. I make sure I stay locked right where I am until I decide it’s time to change suits.  *runs her hands down her sides*

MICH: Yeeesss…well…we have a question from a viewer. Oh, this is interesting: “Now that Hell has no kind, and Sam said there will be no King of Hell, how are things going down there, about the deals, the souls, etc? Is it each demon for himself/herself?”

“sensible demons stay out of that mess. There’s pleasure and profit to be made topside. They can keep their petty politics, I’m living the good life.”

– Mal (Stunt Demon 3)

MAL: There’s been a few with delusions of grandeur, and some small factions have formed around them, but the sensible demons stay out of that mess. There’s pleasure and profit to be made topside. They can keep their petty politics, I’m living the good life.

MICH:Speaking of life. Do you remember being human? What was your life like then?

MAL: Life wasn’t so great when I was alive. Times were different then, and my kind were little better than property. I really came alive after I died.

MICH:What do your fellow demons think of you joining up with the Winchesters?

MAL: Oh you can cut the envy with a knife!

MICH:Oh really? How many of them were jockeying for your post? And doesn’t it worry you that some of them might try to…shall we say… create an opening in the position?

MAL: I’m unconcerned. The uppity ones are mere children compared to me. Most of those idiots want to blackmail a deal out the Winchesters. They think they can subjugate them! It’s ridiculous. No, I’m rather comfortable right where I am.

MICH:Yes, I can see that…well, I wish you…um…luck in your future endeavors? Ah…is there anything you’d like to say to the folks out there?

MAL: Sweet dreams, Morsels. *winks*

MICH: Yes…um…Stunt Demon #3, Mal.

Team Free Will

MICH:I’d like to welcome Sam (@SAMSoGetThis), Castiel (@castielofEmuRP), and Dean (@DEAN_67Impala), back to the show…Looks like you guys have been enjoying the refreshments in the Green Room! *laughs* Please, have a seat.

CASTIEL:Thanks for the bonus round, Mich

SAM:Thank you, Mich.

DEAN:Thanks, Mich. We’ve been well taken care of today.

MICH:I’m glad to hear it! Okay, I’m obligated by Federal law to ask this on Super Bowl Sunday so I’m gonna get it out of the way…Rams or Patriots?

SAM:No idea.

CASTIEL:By default, the Rams. The Saints got hosed though.

DEAN:I don’t watch football.

CASTIEL:You and SAM are more baseball, right?

DEAN:I can take it or leave it. Love me some wrestling though.

ANGE *Runs tape*

MICH:On point, my dear! Good work!

DEAN:I’m not even ashamed.

MICH:There’s no reason to be. If you were wearing the spandex outfit it might be different.

MADS:*mumbles* If he wears spandex that would be an after hours show

ANGE:We’re working on MichTV After Dark programming. We’ll add that to the list of possibilities.

MADS:Shoot! Okay that must be the mic button.

ANGE: Do we need to send you back for more training? Maybe you could join the new interns.

CASTIEL:You actually did wrestle a bit in high school.

DEAN:That was fun.

MICH:I generally just watch [the Super Bowl] for the commercials. Haven’t seen any worth it, yet.

CASTIEL:Any good commercials will make a Buzzfeed list with links tomorrow.

MICH:Good point. You guys have been together for ten years now. How would you say your relationship has grown and changed?

SAM:Well honestly, there was a lot of distrust between us when Cas first joined us. But I think between dying and saving each other over and over, we have gotten better at trusting. Mostly.

MICH:Well, yes. I could see how that might build trust…How do you feel Cas has improved the family dynamics?

SAM:It’s good to have a third person to keep things balanced, add another point of view. Cas brings a lot of knowledge of heaven that often helps us see things differently. He rounds out our group.

CASTIEL:At first I was this weird angel that they were a bit hesitant to trust, and now I’m their weird brother.

DEAN:He’s not wrong. We’ve been through so much together, it was kind of inevitable really.

MICH:It was gonna be sink or swim, huh? Oh, shit… Sorry about that.

ANGE:  *speaking in headset* Dude! Not cool!

CASTIEL:Which is how Dean has earned the nickname Spongebob


CASTIEL:Do you have a valid argument why I shouldn’t call you that?

MICH:*asside to Cas* Is the box shaped like a pineapple? Or are you gonna paint one on it?

CASTIEL: You think I haven’t put Spongebob stickers in it?

MELL:*drops her coffee*

ANGE:Mell! Careful with the equipment! We don’t want a “no liquids” rule in the control room.

MELL:Sorry, sorry.

MICH:*snort laugh*  How did you win the title of Weird in this group?

CASTIEL:I suppose I was the most socially awkward for awhile but that mantle has been passed on to my son.

MICH:Do Sam and Dean have titles?

CASTIEL:Do they? I mean…someone says “the hot Winchester,” and we all respond. *laughs*

MICH:That does seem to be a group description!


DEAN:Sam and I can often be at odds in opinion and Cas helps us to balance somewhat.

MICH:Like a tricycle is more stable than a bicycle? So Cas is the steadying third wheel.

SAM:Except when he’s stuck to Dean’s side, yes.

CASTIEL:Even low rent demons have said we’re overly attached.

MAL: That’s an understatement if I’ve ever heard one.


MAL: You make my meat suit all tingly when you get like that, Feathers. Meow!

MELL:*pushes the  button in the control room* HEY! You leave Cas alone!

CASTIEL:I do know how to make one’s nethers quiver.

MICH:That’s true. I’ve written it on a few bathroom walls.

CASTIEL:I appreciate that, Mich. I mention the kielbasa trick of yours

MICH:Really? That explains a few strange calls I’ve gotten…

DEAN:Alright you two, don’t make me get the hose.

CASTIEL: My demon days are far behind me.

MAL: Pity. You boys going to handcuff me again?

CASTIEL:That’s not even a threat to you, is it?

MAL: Mmm…no, not really.



MADS:*talks into headset* Super Soakers filled with holy water are taped to the underside of the coffee table.

MAL: I’m sorry, Dean. I’ll behave.

CASTIEL:No, she won’t.

DEAN:We’ll have to revisit the rules with her, then.

MICH:Can we get her removed?

MELL:I’m sorry, Mich. I’ll behave.

CASTIEL:I think she meant the demon. Get the salt.

MICH:Yes, I did. *rolls eyes*

ANGE:I already tried an exorcism.

MICH:Character limit?

ANGE:Yup. Damn Twitter.


MAL:Aww, don’t be like that. I’ll be good…so very good…


CASTIEL:I’ll deal with her later.

ANGE: *Roll tape*

MELL:*falls out of chair again* Did you have to roll that tape?

CASTIEL:Can someone get Mell a bottle of water?

ANGE:A little after care? Uh, I mean, she needs to be hydrated.

MICH;We blew the pg rating a while ago, I think….

CASTIEL:There was no blowing on my part.

MICH:You’re so literal sometimes.

CASTIEL:Green room was crowded.

MICH:I’m sure Mell could have arranged something. Did you ask?

CASTIEL:She suggested the supply closet…ohh. Nevermind.

MICH:So… profound bond. I get it. *nods and winks*

CASTIEL:It may appear that I take Dean’s side more often but Sam and I are also very close, and I back him up when he’s right. Or sometimes they’re both being assbutts and I have to mediate.

SAM:Very true.

MICH:So, you guys have traveled to Scooby-Doo world. Are there any other shows you would like to be zapped into?

CASTIEL:Doctor Who.

MICH:For the Timey Whimy, or the box that’s bigger on the inside?

MELL:*chokes, looks at Ange* Did she just ask that on air?

ANGE:*whispers* Just go with it. This is ratings gold.

Mell:*whispers* Okay, but you are fielding all emails, tomorrow.

ANGE:The Legal Department handles all inquiries, complaints and requests for bottled musk.

CASTIEL:Could you imagine the adventures we could have?

MICH:All of space and time with the Winchesters bopping in and out…What could go wrong?

CASTIEL:Good point.

DEAN:The Great British Baking Show!

MICH:Competitor or judge?

DEAN:I’d be good either way, honestly.

MICH:What would be your prize winning creation?

DEAN:My Cherpumple Piecaken. Cherry, Pumpkin, and Apple pies inside vanilla cake.

MICH:That’s quite a mouthful, my friend! But I’m sure you’ve heard that before.

ANGE:That’s sounds…tasty?

Mell:I was gonna go with…interesting.


MICH:*laughing* Would you stop it! I’m trying to keep my professionalism!

CASTIEL:My um…lips needed moistening.

MICH:Yeah, sure.

DEAN:You can borrow my lip balm, Cas.

MICH:And now, we’re banned from Tumblr. Ok, guys. If I can get serious for a moment…Congratulations on the one year anniversary of the Emu Bunker. Can you tell us how you’ve liked being on Twitter with our universe?

SAM:It’s been pretty great for the most part. I’ve met so many wonderful people.

MICH:What would you say was the biggest difference between you and people’s perception of you from the show, here?

SAM:Probably they’re perception that I’m more innocent and in need of parenting.

DEAN:Boy, are they off-base.

MICH:And how would you describe him?

DEAN:Sam is a brilliant and fierce leader, and I’m damn lucky he’s got my back.

SAM:Thanks Dean. That means a lot.

DEAN:Just the truth, man. *pats his shoulder*

MICH:You do seem to bring out the maternal instincts in quite a few people. I think it’s more that they see your struggle and, because of their love for you, want to ease that pain in your eyes. But that may just be my sense of things.

SAM:That’s possible.

MICH:Your strength and bravery inspire us. Your intelligence and perseverance impress us. Your caring heart and giving soul draw us to you. Simply put, we love you.

SAM:That…*wipes the beginning of a man tear* I love you all, too. You’re all strong, fierce, good people. I’m honored to be your friend.


CASTIEL:Thanks, Mich. It’s been an amazing year. I’ve made some wonderful friends and some very special connections.

MICH:What did you find most surprising when you connected with us over here?

CASTIEL:Actually, the little discrepancies between your show about us and how we live.

MICH:Yes. It does seem that the show takes some creative license with Chuck’s work. If you had to name one major difference, what would it be?

CASTIEL:I think the show doesn’t get the chance to show how deep we as real people are. Sam is more than lettuce and lore. Dean is more than a soldier. I’m more than an awkward angel.

MICH: Yes, having a time limit does keep them from showing the depth of character. However, those of us who watch and re-watch the whole show over and over, have learned to spot the growth and depth of you folks. It’s what draws us to you.

DEAN:It’s been a real eye opener, and a lot of fun. Looking forward to seeing what this year brings

MICH:Were there any bumps that you needed to smooth out in the beginning?

DEAN:A few, and I left myself open to some real interesting characters, let me tell you. I’ve gotten a bit more savvy since then.

MICH:You are a quick learner. But then, you’re also extremely intelligent. Even if you do try to hide most of the time.

CASTIEL:Mich, I have been trying to drill that into Dean for years. He’s brilliant, and refuses to accept our observance of that.

MICH:I think he’s so used to people…um…admiring his good looks for one night stands, that he has a hard time believing that those of us who have been lucky enough to have a longer relationship with him see so much more than just the physical beauty of him. He’s so much more than that.

CASTIEL:I agree. Aesthetically Dean is…mathematically, almost perfect. People are drawn to that. I saw him first as a soul, and that warmth drew me to him.

DEAN:*shrugs* My mind isn’t the asset folks go after, I’ve learned to accept that.

MICH:Some value you for more than just that, sweetness. I, for one, value your sharp wit and meaningful insight. And your gentle, giving soul, your loyalty and caring…Should I continue?

DEAN:No, no. I’m sure you’ve got better things to do and questions to ask. Sorry. Please, carry on with the interview.

MICH:Seriously?!? Jesus…on air and everything…

*sings* …my wayward son. For there’ll be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest. Don’t you cry no more…

MELL:*pushes the button in the control room* Love you Dean!!

DEAN:Back atcha Minxy darlin’! *blows kiss*

CASTIEL:Dean, we have had so many in depth and profound conversations. Your insight has opened my mind. I appreciate your intellectual stimulation.

DEAN:Thanks, Thursday.

MICH:It seems our time is up. I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity. I’ve really enjoyed getting to chat with you. And on a personal note, I really love you all. *hugs each of you and kisses* Any last words?

DEAN:Thanks Mich and all the staff at MichTV for showing us such a good time. It was a lot of fun.

MICH: The pleasure was mine, Dearheart! *hugs and kisses*

Ladies and gentlemen!!

Dean Winchester!

SAM:Thank you Mich. This has been wonderful:

MICH: No, thank you! This has been a dream come true for me. I can only hope you’ll all be back here in another year so we can do this again. *hugs and kisses*

Ladies and gentlemen!!

Sam Winchester!

CASTIEL:Love you, Mich. You are an endeared member of the Emu Fami

MICH: *teary smile* Thank you, Cas. That means a lot to me. *hugs and kisses*

Ladies and gentlemen!

Castiel Winchester!

The Emu Supernatural RP would like to thank MichTV for this very special celebration, and thank you all for tuning in to “Emu Talk.” We look forward to sharing our ongoing adventures with you. For your safety, please use care when disconnecting from nephilim WiFi, it can be a mite unpredictable.

This has been “Emu Talk” a production of MichTV in association with @EmuMobBunker and EmuSupernaturalRP. Please do not reproduce this text in any format without the expressed permission of Emu Supernatural RP.

We are an un-paid group of fan role players who owe our deepest loyalty and gratitude for the work of the creators, producers, writers, cast and crew of “Supernatural” on TheCW. Our work is meant to celebrate and honor theirs, and is not intended to infringe on their ownership of these characters and stories in any way.

Uncredited images were found uncredited in the wild. Please contact us with attribution, and appropriate action will be taken to credit or remove accordingly. Thank you.

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