Once Upon A Time in Apocablanca

When Jack was about to be born, his untrained nephilim power accidentally leaked out, and created a little tear between our world and a dark and frightening apocalypse world. It was a desolate place where angels were determined to eliminate humanity, and the few survivors were in constant peril.

There are a lot of interesting things about Apocalypse world, but those stories are for another day.

When he was about ready to make his appearance, with his mother, Kelly, and Castielon hand to protect him, things got…a little complicated.

You see, Jack’s father is Lucifer himself, and Lucifer was determined to find his son. On the night he was born, Jack was super-occupied growing himself into a newborn teenager inside the house, but outside, terrible events were occurring.

Sam and Dean knew Lucifer would soon find where Castiel had hidden Kelly and her child, so with their Mom, Mary, they arrived to do their best to defeat the devil…again. Even Crowley showed up to help!

Things did not go well.

By the end of the night, Crowley had sacrificed his life to close the rift between the worlds, but not before Lucifer killed Castiel, and pulled Mary into the closing rift, trapping them both in Apocalypse world.

Many adventures and misadventures over here on our side of the rift took place while Mary was trapped far from home. It was a very stressful time for Jack, trying to find his way, and control his unpredictable powers, while being feared and distrusted because of his paternity. Dean even told him he would kill him. Since Dean and Sam were his only family, this was somewhat disconcerting.


Feeling afraid, sad, and alone, Jack longed for Castiel, who he had expected to be his father in this strange life. That longing beamed out into the universe, riding on Jack’s powers, and woke Castiel up.

Angels don’t wake up in The Empty, they are supposed to go there and sleep forever when they die. Being awake, Castiel was able to convince the dark Celestial Entity who ran the place to boot him back into the world, (by being very irritating). This was good news, but Jack wanted to save Mary, too.

Leaving the (relative) safety of the bunker, Jack went on a quest to discover a way to open a rift in space on purpose, like the one he made by accident before he was born. It turns out even a powerful nephilim needs some help sometimes, and Jack found out he needed a dreamwalker to be his eyes so he could find Mary. Eventually, that lead him to Kaia.

With Kaia, Jack was able to open a rift! More than one, actually, but unfortunately he only ended up trapped in Apocalypse world, too, which he whimsically re-named Apocablanca after learning about Casablanca from Apocalypse World Bobby.

Lonely for Castiel, Sam, and Dean, Jack’s yearning beamed out some more magic, bringing into being what would come to be known as “Nephilim Wifi,” which allowed Jack to communicate with his family while stuck in Apocablanca, and, miraculously, with your world, also, via social media!

So tune in to Nephilim Wifi and share in our stories! You can follow each of our Twitter accounts individually (found on Meet the Emu Mob), or you can subscribe to our list, and immerse yourself at your convenience in the Emu Family fun.

Stay tuned for the next adventure: “Counting Emu


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