Emu Favorite Portraits

Happy Anniversary Emu Family!

“What The,” (or, “Umm, I think it’s a Nephilim,”)  :  “Mob Muster,” : and “Ralph & His Brother From Another Mother,” (or “Dean & Sam Hate Posing”) by Fiona Groom

In honor of our one year anniversary, the Emu Mob have selected some of our favorite portraits of us! Please enjoy the amazing artistic talents of the SPN Family!

Dean Winchester (Twitter @Dean_67Impala) by Petite-Madame
Sam Winchester (Twitter @SamSoGetThis) by MiRta5 on DeviantArt
Castiel (Twitter @CastielOfEmuRP) by Euclase
Jack Kline (Twitter @JackLovesNougat) by elicedraws on Tumblr
Mary Winchester (Twitter @M_Winchester54) by mundosdepapel on Tumblr
Bobby Singer (Twitter @KingOfIdjits01 ) by LupineMagic on DeviantArt
Eileen F. Leahy (Twitter @ihatebanshees) by OzoneCologne
Chuck Shurley (Twitter @CruelCapricious) by @Sillie82
Amara (Twitter @DarkestAmara) by K. Baumgartner
Nick/Lucifer (Twitter @HRHLucifer) by Petite-Madame
Billie (Twitter @VeilCornerOfc) by atomic-clover​ on Tumblr
Rowena MacLeod (Twitter @MegaCovenQueen) by Marcia Nopalacio
Arthur Ketch (Twitter @AKetch74) by yifera​ on Tumblr
Charlie Bradbury (Twitter @Char1ieBradbury) by Ohlazarus on DeviantArt
Jody Mills (Twitter @BionicSheriff ) by Euclase
Donna Hanscum (Twitter @DHanscum) by Kuzka345 on DeviantArt
Alex Jones (Twitter @Alex_Joness98) by GiveMeThingsToDraw on Deskgram
Claire Novak by Euclase

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